Zodiac sign Virgo

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Virgo men and women? Are they different?

Virgo – men

Male Virgos are such a group of people for whom a sense of duty comes first. If they give the word, they will certainly restrain to it. Men born under this constellation are distinguished by their persistent and strong-willed character. He is always responsible for his actions and the words were spoken.

Often, representatives of this Zodiac sign reduce their meaning of life to work. It is important for them to do business and get a decent reward for it. Diligence, high performance, and determination – the main qualities of the character of Virgos in the male. Virgo males are highly organized and disciplined. They are always punctual and demand the same from others. They never change their decision, as they are sure that they are doing the right thing.

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The appearance of the representatives of this Zodiacal sign is always neat and tidy. Male Virgos love the order in everything and do not tolerate carelessness from the people around them. They can easily make a remark to a person if they see that he does not correspond to their idea of ​​beauty and neatness.

To offend male Virgos is almost impossible. They are so emotionally thick-skinned that criticism or swear words cause only an indifferent smile. Male Virgos in every way try to avoid situations in which their true feelings can manifest. They do not want to show their emotions and always strive to give the impression of strong people.

Virgo – women

Women Virgo is distinguished by sincerity, gentleness, and reliability. Representatives of this Zodiac sign combine in their character and romance, and rationality. She is endowed with flexible intelligence and wit.

Virgo women are prone to self-criticism. They like to analyze their actions and draw conclusions. They tend to blame themselves for failures and misdeeds, but criticism from other people is extremely painful. Their self-image is twofold: on the one hand, the  Maidens strive to prove their superiority and ideality to everyone, and on the other, in their souls, they realize that they are not perfect and often offended if they are reminded of it.

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Female Virgo does not tend to commit extravagant acts and stand out from the crowd. They do not tolerate people who behave defiantly to attract attention. Virgo women themselves do not like public speaking and always try to go unnoticed.

Women-Virgos love to take care of home comfort. In the marital relationship, the Virgo-women give the palm to her husband but do not give him the opportunity to fully manage in the family. For her chosen one, the Virgo becomes not only a loving wife but also a faithful friend. As for jealousy, Virgos try not to show the second half of their emotions, although, in fact, they are jealous.

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