Zodiac sign Scorpio

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Scorpio men and women? Are they different?

Scorpio – men

Scorpio men are passionate and temperamental. But they can hide their fervor under the shell of an unemotional and calm person. Male scorpions may not give the appearance that they are unhappy and annoyed with something, but everything inside them will boil.

Representatives of this Zodiac sign are often obsessed with an idea. They direct all their strengths and thoughts to achieve the desired goal. In the fight and reveals the true nature of the Scorpions. They show endurance, incredible willpower and lack of principle. If the Scorpions see a goal, they will surely reach it.

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Male Scorpios are difficult to control. Rather, they will rule over all. For them, personal freedom, lack of commitment and independence is very important. By nature, Scorpio men are philosophers. They love to reflect on the global issues of humanity, willingly enter into discussions and seek to show their erudition.

Scorpio men may seem cruel and aggressive people. Often they cross the boundaries of what is permitted, showing directness and rudeness towards people. This behavior is difficult to explain. And in general, for many people, Scorpio-men remain a mystery for a long time. They may not seem at all what they really are. But the representatives themselves of this sign are able to see through people. They are perceptive and have developed intuition, which allows them to quickly find an approach to any person.

Scorpio – women

Women born under the constellation of Scorpio, have a unique grace and appeal. Female Scorpios combine such qualities as confidence, courage, adventurousness, charm, and perseverance. They think rationally and rarely give in to their emotions. These are women with a cold mind and prudent mindset.

Women Scorpios are endowed with a large supply of energy. The strength of mind and activity helps them to overcome the most difficult life situations. In appearance, their movements and words there is a mystery. These women can be called devils. Representatives of this Zodiac sign can captivate any man with their charm and manners.

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Scorpio women value freedom and independence. They can stand up for themselves and solve their problems. Women of this sign are not influenced by other people. They always do as they see fit.

Despite such a strong character, Scorpio-women can show care and attention to their loved ones. They are always ready to help and support the person. But if the representatives of this constellation feel insincerity and injustice towards them, then you can expect aggression and even revenge.

Deep down, all Scorpio women want to be defenseless and fragile, so they are looking for a partner who could provide a strong shoulder.

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