Zodiac sign Sagittarius

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Sagittarius men and women? Are they different?

Sagittarius – men

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are bright, open and good-natured people. They quickly achieve the trust of others due to their flexible thinking, candor and cheerful disposition. In their souls they are enthusiasts. Their thoughts are always full of incredible ideas that they willingly share with others. Sagittarius-men are great companions. They know how to listen, and speak eloquently. In their environment are always like-minded people who can safely go on adventurous acts with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius men are very energetic and adventurous. However, these qualities do not always play into their hands. In most cases, the ideas of Sagittarius are not translated into reality. This is because the men of this constellation are prone to frequent changes of mood and interests. If yesterday Sagittarius was fond of politics, then in a couple of days, he will most likely closely engage in sports. The most interesting thing is that no matter what occupation Sagittarius undertakes, he will assert that this business is his life’s work.

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Similarly, the situation is in the choice of the second half. Sagittarius-men are very amorous and receptive natures. Every time they meet a woman, they will see in her the ideal that they have created in their head. But after a short time, they themselves will understand that they made a mistake with the choice of their life partner.

In general, Sagittarius men have a friendly character. They always try to be honest and fair, they love independence and freedom. Sometimes they are naive and trusting because they perceive the world a little differently than all the other signs of the Zodiac.

Sagittarius – women

Sagittarius women, as well as men of this Zodiac sign, have a cheerful and kind disposition. They are rarely seen as sad and wilted. They are always full of energy and strength. They are cheerful and have a natural will to helps others to overcome all the hardships of life.

Representatives of this constellation can be divided into two types. The first type of Sagittarius women is a highly intelligent nature, a socialite with a calm character and excellent manners. The second type is an extravagant and active female rebel who fights for justice and independence.

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In relations with people, representatives of this Zodiac sign are always honest and sincere. They can directly tell the person everything that they think about him, and at the same time not hurt his feelings. This is possible thanks to insight and the ability to feel the mood of a person.

Female Sagittarius is rarely a good housekeeper. Her daily chores for her is an obstacle to achieving personal freedom. Sagittarian female does not like to be something limited and fails under certain limits.

The positive traits in the character of a Sagittarius woman are sincerity, openness, good nature and romance. The negative qualities of the Sagittarius woman’s character are excessive sentimentality, inconsistency, and gullibility.

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