Zodiac sign Leo

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Leo men and women? Are they different?

Leo – men

Male Leo is notable for their special attractiveness, charisma, and ability to present themselves from the best side. These are people who can inspire confidence from others at first sight. By nature, they are winners and love to be first in everything.

Male Leo likes to be in the middle of the action and attract attention to themselves. From the people around them, they want respect and love towards themselves. They themselves are also ready to give a lot. Lions are generous and friendly people. They are always ready to help and give practical advice. Men born under this constellation, are able to endear the interlocutor. Communicating with people, Leo tries to turn all other attention to their person. It is important for them to be attentively listened to and interested in their life.

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Having tied the knot, Leo-men become, as a rule, tyrants. They will not tolerate if their chosen one resolves family issues on their own. For male Leos, it is very important to be the head of the family. Sometimes they are simply unbearable in their desire to command and control.

Male Leo seeks luxury and comfort. They always try to achieve more. Representatives of this Zodiac sign are not afraid to take risks and adventures. Life for them is a game, and they can easily play with the hearts and minds of people.

Leo – women

Women born under the constellation of Leo, have wit, high intelligence, and flexible thinking. They are able to instantly charm the people around them with their manners, attractive appearance, and charm.

Female Leo cannot live without male attention, so they just need to constantly be in the company of men. Leo women are born hunters. A man caught in the network of a female Leo, for a long time may not be aware of how she captured his heart.

The representative of this Zodiac sign used to choose their own friends and social circle. There should be no people in her environment who do not meet her high requirements. As a rule, women Leo communicate only with those who are not inferior to them in intelligence and appearance.

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Women Leo strives to arrange their lives in accordance with fashion and new trends. They love luxury and comfort, have a good time and always strive for spiritual development. The best vacation for them is a trip to the theater, a museum or a walk in the park.

Being an excellent housewife, Leo never loses their feminine look. Even in moments of complete solitude at home, they try to look great. Female Leo is very hospitable and friendly. In communicating with people, they show all their positive qualities. However, if their self-love is touched in the conversation, Leo will not get into her pocket for the words. They can give a hard rebuff to anyone who doubts their importance and self-sufficiency.

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