Zodiac sign Gemini

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Gemini men and women? Are they different?

Gemini – men

Men of this constellation are endowed with a lively emotional character, creative abilities, and flexible thinking. Their mood is changeable. They may seem sociable and benevolent and then show modesty and closeness.

Male Gemini is active. As a rule, they are not accustomed to sitting still. They need constant movement and development. They are always ready for change and quickly adapt to new conditions and people.

In society, they behave relaxedly, love to attract attention to themselves, while becoming the soul of the company. Men-Gemini can be called geniuses of communication. They will always pick the right word, so as not to offend the interlocutor. They will always have interesting stories in stock that will appeal to the whole environment. Gemini men love to be among people. When they are in the center of attention, they involuntarily feel that they are necessary and interesting. Their friends are people who are not inferior to them in intelligence. However, when they are alone for a long time, they are often unintelligible in their connections and make friends with people who are unworthy of their society.

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Male Gemini loves freedom. As a rule, they often stay in the ranks of bachelors. But even after Gemini meet their darling, they hardly adapt to the new way of life. Family life for some Gemini often becomes a chore. However, in this case, the Gemini men do not give up and try to make family everyday life more colorful.

Gemini – women

Representatives of the beautiful sex of this constellation are distinguished by changeable mood and heightened emotionality. They are charming, graceful, curious and talkative. Their character can be called explosive.

Female Gemini cannot live without society. They are trying to achieve recognition and respect literally from everyone with whom they communicate. Being loved by them is very important.

Their lifestyle is always active. Women of this constellation always strive to achieve more. They are always missing something. In the race for new sensations, they can change their place of residence, partner and their social circle. In their fantasies, Gemini women can make extraordinary plans that easily translate into reality.

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From the negative qualities of the Gemini, the female can be identified as hot temper, fickleness, lack of organization. Often they can get carried away by any occupation, calling it a matter of their life. But soon there comes a time when they get tired of everything, and they find a new hobby for themselves.

Despite the excessive emotionality, the women- Gemini make all the decisions, guided by reason and logic. They rarely commit acts in a fit of feelings. They tend to think carefully about all the decisions.

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