Zodiac sign Aries

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Aries men and women? Are they different?

Aries – men

Men born under the constellation of Aries, characterized by the love of freedom, activity, and self-confidence. They do not tolerate other people’s advice and always strive to achieve their goals on their own.

Their desire to be the first in all times leads to the fact that Aries is left alone with their grand ideas. Male rams are difficult to control. They are impulsive, passionate and want to be always on top.

Aries men are quite lucky in life. However, if something goes wrong in their affairs, then they will not serve even a look. They tend to take all the blows of fate with their heads held high. Self-confidence and determination with which Aries men go through life, often are a defensive reaction to external factors.

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Aries men are distinguished by generosity, friendliness and a great sense of humor. In society, they behave quite relaxed. They, as a rule, have many friends and acquaintances. Often, male Aries are very straightforward in their statements. In addition, possessing a hot-tempered character, they can offend the interlocutor. However, Aries men are quick and, as a rule, the first to go to reconciliation.

Over time, the ardor and passion of Aries-men are fading away a little. He becomes more consistent and cautious in his actions. Mature Aries-men already perceive the world around in a different way, they become more wise and calm.

Aries – women

The beautiful sex, born under the constellation Aries, endowed with a strong and courageous character. They are independent, proud and purposeful. They are always confident in their decisions. Aries women do not like when someone rules over them. However, behind the shell of the iron lady, Aries-woman often hides a gentle and sophisticated nature, which seeks an ideal.

Aries women love to be in society. Communication with people gives them energy. In any team, Aries female always aspires to take leadership positions. They tend to impose their opinions and dominate others. In disputes, Aries women are truly fighting. To the last, they will prove their case and try to get out of the conflict as a winner.

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Representatives of this Zodiac sign love when they are admired and get compliments. They do not like criticism. Everything she does should, in their opinion, cause delight. Aries women are very difficult in building relationships with men. In marriage, they tend to be leaders. They do not tolerate when someone restricts their freedom and makes them play by someone else’s rules.

Throughout their lives, Aries women try to be independent. Representatives of this Zodiac sign are often presented to people around as strong and temperamental women, but in their soul, they want to be soft and weak for a minute.

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