Zodiac sign Aquarius

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How do you think, what are the characteristics of Aquarius men and women? Are they different?

Aquarius – men

Male Aquarius are solitary individualists. They are not averse to socializing and having a good time with friends, but they still value freedom and personal space more. Despite this, male Aquarius are loyal and faithful friends. They are always ready to forget their problems and rush to the aid of their comrade.

These men are quite emotional. They can flare up and even show aggression. Such character brightens only their receptivity. Male Aquarius is not vindictive and the first to take a step towards reconciliation.

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Male Aquarius – keen nature. They are ready to surrender to their hobby without a trace. But their mood is often changeable. Being engaged in one thing, they can switch to another. This is explained by the fact that male Aquarius is very curious and impatient. They want everything at once, because of this, they often find themselves at the empty trough.

By nature, male Aquarius are romantic. They tend to sometimes remain in their fantasies and memories of the past. They like to analyze their actions, to look for reasons for failures. At such moments it is difficult to return them to the real world. Sometimes, due to mental agony, Aquarius can become depressed.

Throughout their lives, male Aquarius rarely feel attached to anyone. Relationship with women for them is a burden and restriction of their personal freedom. Representatives of this sign perceive people as they are. They do not demand anything from their acquaintances and friends and treat everyone with understanding.

Male Aquarius are used to making decisions on their own. Even being married, they do not always ask for the opinion of their household. They find it difficult to coexist with other people, as others are not always able to understand them.

Aquarius – women

Aquarius women have unusual thinking and wit. They are endowed with charm and the ability to fascinate only by their presence. The need to stand out from the crowd and create a sensation is one of the main needs of the woman of this Zodiac sign. Often they are shocking others with their appearance. With good taste, Aquarius women can make a unique look from casual wear.

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Aquarius women are quite sociable. It is not difficult for them to adjust to the new conditions and find contact with a new acquaintance. By nature they are rebellious. They are difficult to drive into some kind of framework of society. They often do as they see fit.

Women Aquarians, as well as men of this constellation, value their personal space and strive for independence. As a rule, they achieve everything themselves. Their only minus is laziness. However, if the business in which the Aquarius woman is engaged brings her moral satisfaction, then she will move mountains and achieve brilliant results.

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