Your vacation according to your Zodiac sign

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Not always rest brings positive emotions, physical and moral relaxation. This does not mean that where you relax is bad. It’s just that the resting place does not always correspond to the wishes of the heavenly bodies. To properly relax and gain strength for new labor feats, try choosing the place for a vacation that suits you according to your horoscope.


Aries are hardworking in nature, but even during the rest, they do not allow themselves to relax for a minute. Therefore, they have two options – to go to a health resort to improve their health or choose a hiking trip combined with extreme sports.


Taurus values comfort and convenience. It is unlikely that hiking, tents, and food cooked in a pot over a fire will suit them. They are lovers of exotic resorts and countries with a rich culture.


Gemini goes on vacation for adventure and thrill. Therefore, it is better for them to go where they can translate all their desires into reality. It can be both a hiking trip with kayaking and well-known resorts where there will be no place for boredom and monotony.

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Sensitive Cancer prefers a calm and measured rest, somewhere on the seashore with a loved one. Cancers quickly get bored with the bustle and crowds of people, so they are most preferable to relax in the company of their soulmate or close friend.


Leo loves comfort and luxury. They want to shine and show their superiority. Resorts and places where they can make useful contacts and be in the spotlight are suitable for them. Maybe Leo should go to the Cote d’Azur?


Virgo prefers a comfortable stay. They will have a great time visiting SPA treatments, mud baths, and massage rooms.

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Inquisitive Libra during the holidays prefers to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of other countries. For a vacation, the countries of Europe are perfect for them. They will be able to enjoy the beauties of architecture and learn the language.


Extreme sports will be an ideal vacation for Scorpios. They just need to get an adrenaline rush and throw out all their energy.


Sagittarius also does not like a relaxing holiday, so they should go to where they can feel all the colors of life. Representatives of this zodiac sign will never go on vacation twice in one place. It is interesting for them to always learn something new.

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Capricorns are advised not to overstrain on vacation. After hard working days, during which Capricorn laid out one hundred percent, he needs a measured and organized rest, where he could improve his health and relax.


Aquarius likes to be discoverers. They will never go to rest on the recommendation of friends or relatives. Aquarius will choose the place where he will feel like Robinson Crusoe.


A quiet and relaxing holiday is suitable for Pisces. They can relax well at sea and in the country. Vanity and noise will not bring them any pleasure.

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