Your motto based on your Zodiac

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Have you ever thought what would be your motto, or what is the thing which describes you in a few words as a Zodiac representative? I dare you to read and have fun.


• Motto: “Where everyone slows down, I press on the gas!”
• Favorite hobby: To do first, then ask questions.
• Handbook: “A book of my own wise thoughts and sayings in sixty volumes.”
• Suitable work: Psychologist.


• Motto: “The brave goes first, and the smart – second!”
• Favorite hobby: Talking at dinner.
• Handbook: For True Gourmets.
• Suitable work: Inquisitor.


• Motto: “Whoever owns the information, owns the information.”
• Favorite hobby: To commit rash acts.
• Handbook: “How to talk in a stone block.”
• Suitable work: Selling air.


• Motto: “There is no limit to my patience.”
• Favorite hobby: Crying in a friend’s jacket.
• Handbook: The Art of Being a Martyr.
• Suitable work: Helpline operator.


• Motto: “Everything will be fine, that is, the way I want.”
• Favorite hobby: To command and indicate
• Handbook: “How to become a star in 10 minutes”.
• Suitable work: The boss of all the bosses.


• Motto: “Happiness is when you control everything.”
• Favorite hobby: Fuss and worry.
• Handbook: “How to fold a shirt. 1001 ways. ”
• Suitable work: Sanitary Inspector.


• Motto: “I harness for a long time, but I’m going fast.”
• Favorite hobby: Look in the mirror.
• Handbook: “How to Become Like Mona Lisa.”
• Suitable work: Environmentalist.


• Motto: “You need a good reason to smile.”
• Favorite hobby: Harass people with his own behavior.
• Handbook: “1001 Plan for taking over the World.”
• Suitable work: Medium, psychic, tarologist.


• Motto: “Although I am not obligatory, but charming.”
• Favorite hobby: Hang noodles on the ears.
• Handbook: “How to Become a Philosopher in Five Minutes.”
• Suitable job: The pirate catcher in the Caribbean.


• Motto: “I am seasoned, like expensive cognac.”
• Favorite hobby: Play the main thing.

• Handbook: “How to Become the Ruler of the Universe.”
• Suitable work: Bill Gates’ Finance Advisor.


• Motto: “The future depends on me.”
• Favorite hobby: Looming before your eyes.
• Handbook: “How to grow a hedgehog at home and save the world.”
• Suitable job: Time machine design engineer.


• Motto: “My sympathy will cost you dearly.”
• Favorite hobby: Count the raven.
• Handbook: “How to Make Friends with Martians.”
• Suitable job: Professional howler.

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