Your favorite number will tell about you!

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Do you have a favorite number? Have you ever wondered why you like this particular number? A number of studies now show that a favorite number can tell about your personality.


They say that this is the most boring number. You are an attractive person. However, you are considered selfish, ambitious and demanding. Loneliness, of course, can be a part of your world.


You are prone to perfectionism. But you are also very emotional and sensitive. You like it when everything is perfect. You often do not realize the fact that it simply does not happen!


One study shows that people who love this number also like to have fun, live the life of parties. You are also very talented. Although sometimes you can become selfish.


You are the most reliable and kindest person in your company, but you are also inclined to stubbornness. You like to do good!


You love drama so much. Women who received the nickname “Queen of the Drama”, no doubt love this number.

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You will be a caring partner in a relationship. You are given a hard time to trust people.


Quiet, cold and logical. However, you can be impatient. You like to criticize the behavior and character of other people.


You are stable and mature. You are responsible for your own actions. You are quite happy with yourself and with your character.


You are a very friendly person with positive energy. But you can also be a little capricious.


You have a good sense of humor. You like to share good jokes with other people.

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