Why sarcastic people are more intelligent, sexy and successful!

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Recent studies show that sarcastic people are more intelligent, sexy and successful!

In some cases, sarcasm can promote the development of relationships (at least with those who understand sarcasm well enough), enhance creativity or even ignite a new love!

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We tend to characterize sarcastic people as strange, but it turns out that this is an important evolutionary trait! We are masters of what anthropologists and other scientists call “social intelligence”. We recognize and monitor hundreds of relationships and can distinguish enemies and friends.

Neuroscientist Catherine Rankin of the University of California at San Francisco believes that people use sarcasm as a survival tool in creating relationships, and this tool plays a significant role in social interaction. Sarcasm can be kind of ridiculous, serious, boring or completely nasty!

Dr. Rankin and many others believe that sarcasm was created and interpreted in the field of the paraphthopacampian brain gyrus, in which all of our social intelligence is being introduced. People with head trauma in this area often lose the ability to perceive sarcasm, and therefore they do not respond in socially acceptable ways to it.

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Researchers note that sarcasm is probably a huge part of creating a human civilization.

The French researcher Nicholas Guegen studied 60 women aged 20 to 26 who initially did not understand that any research was being carried out. Women were invited to talk with a moderately sarcastic man, a fairly straightforward man and with a kind, gentle man. And what do you think? The most attractive for women was just a sarcastic man!

Having the ability to be sarcastic and understand sarcasm can create and maintain relationships when both sides are on the same wavelength. But this can spoil relations when one side does not understand sarcasm. So be careful, do not cross the line!

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