Why Friday 13th is considered an unlucky and dangerous day: 10 reasons

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Over the years, people are trying to figure out whether Friday is really a dangerous day, or it’s just superstition. To avoid danger and unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to find out why people give such mystical significance to this seemingly ordinary day.

Although the days of paganism have already passed, people still continue to attach importance to certain signs and superstitions. That’s why the question of whether to be afraid of Friday 13th, still has no answer. Approaching this mystical day makes us think about what it is necessary to beware of on this day. However, many people do not even guess why even in the modern world humanity continues to attach special importance to Friday 13th.

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Why Friday is considered an unlucky day?

Speaking about the mystical meaning of Friday 13th, one should rely not only on signs and superstitions, but also historical facts. As it turned out, there are several reasons for confirming that Friday is really an unfavorable day.

Reason 1. In religious culture, the number 13 is unlucky. According to the Scriptures, during the secret supper, Judas, who sold Christ for 30 pieces of silver, was the thirteenth man at the table. In addition, John in his Gospel tells of the actions of the traitor in the 13th chapter. Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but in the Christian world this number still carries only negative associations.

Reason 2. Many factors affected the negative attitude to this day, including legends. According to one of them, when the witches were organizing a witch coven, Satan became it’s main participant, who to this day is the personification of evil and death. Most often, 12 witches participated in the meeting, and Satan himself became the 13th.

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Reason 3. Since ancient times 13 has been considered the number of the Devil. To avoid danger, on this day people tried not to engage in important business and do not spend much time on the street, and many preferred to stay at home. By one of the signs, if a person has 13 letters in his name and surname, then he is under the protection of evil.

Reason 4. Even numerologists did not ignore the number 13. According to numerology, the number 12 – a symbol of perfection. It is believed that by adding one figure to it, you can incur failure.

Reason 5. Studies have shown that many major accidents occurred on Friday 13th. These include the crash of the Costa Concordia liner, which resulted in the death of 32 people, as well as a catastrophe involving the Il-62 liner that crashed near Moscow, as a result of which 174 people died. This is not the only misfortune that occurred on Friday 13th, which is why many airlines reduce ticket prices on this day to any end of the world.

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Reason 6. It is not surprising that even in the modern world people continue to attach special importance to Friday 13th, even if psychologists say that this day is really unhappy. It is believed that at this time people are much more likely to feel impaired mental state. The main symptoms include panic attacks, depression and even suicidal tendencies. There is an opinion that such phenomena arise only because of fear of being in a dangerous situation, because for many years superstitions have indicated that it is on this day that a person can face any troubles.

Reason 7. Despite the fact that science denies the existence of superstition, scientists repeatedly tried to find out why this number is considered unlucky. Studies have shown that on this day the number of accidents increases, and people are unlucky much more often. However, to prove, because of what this happens, it was not possible.

Reason 8. On Friday 13th, superstitious people try to postpone travel and business trips, many hand over tickets and transfer the trips for another day. In the UK at this time, the number of road accidents is increasing. In this regard, the residents try to move solely on foot, neglecting even public transport.

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Reason 9. In 1989, the virus Friday 13th, which struck many computers, attracted a lot of attention to this day. This case occurred in England on January 13th. At that time, there were few known about the existence of computer viruses, which is why huge coverage caused real panic among users. Since then, the antivirus industry has been developing much more actively, and research to this day is proving that it is on this day that the attack of viruses increases several times.

Reason 10. The experience of ancestors shows that it is on Friday that 13 people risk being in a situation that can lead to negative and even mourning consequences. For example, standing under the stairs on Friday 13th – to poverty. If on that day you witnessed a funeral, expect another death.

How to avoid trouble

Given that on this day with a person can happen any trouble, you should learn how to protect yourself and avoid danger.

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First of all it is recommended to abandon important cases. If you have a responsible event for this day, it is advisable to transfer it to a more favorable time.

Also on Friday 13th, should not conduct financial transactions, make major purchases, take and lend money. It can threaten you with large monetary losses.

Even if you had to become a party to the conflict, try to rectify the situation as soon as possible. At this time, ” energy vampires ” are particularly active, and after communicating with them you will experience not only a depressed mood, but also a worsening of the state.

Experience shows that it is on this day that a large number of computer viruses are being sent. Therefore, you should be careful not to open suspicious sites and links, but it’s better to completely stop using the computer.

The wedding on Friday 13 – not only a bad omen, but also a huge risk. It is believed that the marriages concluded on this day will not be happy and will end very quickly, and the event itself can break at any moment.

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It is proved that on this day the number of car crashes increases. In this regard, drivers are advised to exercise caution while driving and to choose only proven ways to travel. Pedestrians should also be more careful not to become a victim of an inaccurate driver.

On Friday 13th, it is desirable to not have any medical procedures and not to visit doctors at all. The consequences can not only disappoint, but be dangerous to you.

If possible, it is best to stay at home on this day. If you are forced to leave the apartment, try to be more attentive and pay attention to any suspicious things and changes. On this day, accidents may not be accidental.

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