Why do we continue to make decisions NOT in our favor ?

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Our soul is as great and mystical as the Universe itself, so it is very difficult to determine the inner struggle in each of us.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have their own concepts and ways to explain some negative manifestations of internal conflict, often taking the form of a mental illness. However, they are still unable to determine the exact nature of the human soul and the real source that compels us to compromise.

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In this article, we will try to consider a couple of concepts in order to try to answer why we continue to repeat the same mistakes again and again, why we compromise ourselves and why we are afraid most of all of our inner self?

We will probably start with the oldest interpretation, Freud and Jung. These two, of course, are the ancestors of modern psychology and psychoanalysis.

According to Freud, each person is in constant struggle to find a balance between the I (one part of our subconscious, lust, need, passion, animal), Ego (our consciousness, how we see and perceive the world, our true self) and the Superego (another part of our subconscious, everything we learn, all patterns of behavior, thinking and even feelings, the “mentor” of our ego).

If we really have these components, it is quite natural to have an internal conflict. When we are young, we can not use the power of the superego so much, so we cry, we take irrational decisions, we are afraid of fantastic beings, etc. When we grow up, the superego and the ego intensify, but it is extremely difficult to find a balance between all three parts of our psyche.

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Therefore, as you have already concluded, we repeat the same mistakes again and again, although we are fully aware that we should not do this.

Carl Jung, on the other hand, explains that we all play different roles in front of different social groups. According to him, all we do in our lives is changing masks, adapting to our environment and becoming the best part of the group.

Change of masks occurs together with a change in life or social patterns. Very often, these “patterns” can be destructive or simply bad for the inner self of many people.

Resistance and rebellion against society or even against oneself, consciously or not, is manifested through the same mistakes that we make again and again.

Of course, modern philosophy offers a fairly pragmatic explanation. All that we need to do to stop repeating our mistakes is to truly recognize ourselves and become able to change. The first and most important step is to see the truth as it is, and accept yourself as you are.

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Hiding your problems will not help. All you need to do is to resist your inner self and raise your vibrations. Being positive, confident and mentally strong, you will not do things that are harmful to you.

The second step is to FORGIVE YOURSELF. You simply can not change for the better, if you remain tied to the past or if you prevent yourself from thinking about your past failures.

The last step is understanding. After you follow these three steps, you unconsciously gain enough strength and self-confidence to move on to the “right path” and evade all the negative obstacles that prevent you from seeking personal satisfaction and progress.

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