When a man dates you only for his ego

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For most men, the ego is one of the important parts of their personality. Men like to be perceived as emotionally strong.

But whether they like to admit it or not, their ego is actually very fragile and easily vulnerable.

Although it seems that women often have problems with self-esteem, sometimes self-confidence is not enough for men. The problem is that they often try to increase their self-esteem at the expense of women. For example, many men consider themselves better and “more than men” if they have many women, and if women find them attractive.

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That is why often when a man is looking for a girl for a relationship, he wants not to love, but someone for his ego. It is important for him that the girl was beautiful so that everyone knows that she is his. He thinks that everyone will envy him this way, and this is oil on his ego. And you are just an object for him.

Such men are difficult to recognize because they pay attention to you, seem caring and want to be with you. But there are some signs that he uses you only for his self-esteem.

Does he constantly brag about you to others?

Have you just started dating, and he is already in a hurry to show you to all his friends and even his relatives? You may think that this is a good sign, but actually thoughtful people are not in a hurry with such acquaintances. Soon you can feel just like a fashion accessory. He does not engage you in a conversation with others, he is not interested in what you want to say – he just wants you to look good next to him. Maybe he even criticizes you when you look not so good.

He does this because he is confident that his reputation and image depends on it. And all his compliments – only your appearance. He does not even try to recognize you as a person.

Such a man is more worried about what people think about your relationship than about what they really are. He often posts your shared photos online, which may also please you at first. But when you have real problems, he does not want to solve them – only the beautiful picture is still important to him. He does not care whether you are happy or not. And this is a clear sign that he feels nothing for you but uses you only for his ego.

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