What threatens people who are born in a Lunar eclipse time?

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Lunar eclipse can be observed in the sky infrequently. As a rule, this happens no more than twice a year. But it is precisely during the eclipse of the Moon that unexplained events can occur, and people born on the day of the eclipse are endowed with a special destiny.

Those who managed to be born on the day of the Lunar eclipse, expect the fatal nature of fate. These people can not change anything in their lives, for them the whole existence goes “on the thumb.” To be a doll in the hands of fate, it is not necessary to be born on a particular day of the Lunar eclipse. The adverse influence of the Moon is transmitted to those who were born a few days before or after this celestial event. On these people from birth, there is a fateful stamp, in the natal chart of which it is impossible to get rid of. Their fate is predetermined and has a destructive character. Such people are most susceptible to serious diseases and attract trouble for themselves.

More unfavorably the fate of those people who were born on the day of the eclipse, and even in the period of any transformations in society or a separate social group. The life of this person becomes forever connected with the events that took place at the time of his birth. All these conditions of birth are complicated by the fact that during life a person may be exposed to various dangers during eclipses. However, it is easiest for such people to draw up a detailed natal horoscope, predict all the most important moments of life by the stars and even predict the exact date of their death.

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Lunar eclipse affects almost all people, as well as events in the world. If we compare the eclipse of the Moon with a Solar eclipse, then in a Lunar eclipse it is best not to undertake any undertakings. Even doctors argue that during this period it is better not to be particularly active, but rather to sit at home. More than once it was noted that it is during the Lunar eclipse that chronic diseases are exacerbated, the influence of the environment on the health and mental state of a person increases. On this day, it is best to end something, break ties or throw something. The day of the Lunar eclipse is good for dismissal from work or to end bad habits. The eclipse of the Sun affects people in a different way: on this day, fate favors undertakings and new challenges. On this day, as a rule, affairs at work and in personal life are successful. However, in this case, doctors and astrologers advise being more careful with their health. It is not recommended to overly exaggerate physically, as well as less nervous.

Astrologers have come to the conclusion that an eclipse of the Moon can have a strong influence on society as a whole, as well as on political and economic processes. If we compare the time of economic crises, revolutions, and wars with the astrological calendar, we can clearly trace the connection between the changes in the positions of the Moon and all important world events. Thus, a Lunar eclipse has a destructive power.

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