What is horary astrology?

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Horary astrology is one of the areas of astrology that deals with the answers to the questions posed. Horary horoscope will be able to give a clear answer to a specific question.

When compiling a horary horoscope, an astrologer takes into account the date the client contacted him and his location. Next, the astrologer compares the issue with the astrological houses of the horoscope and analyzes the situation.

If a person cannot decide on the solution of an important task, does not know what to do in a particular situation, or simply has lost something, a horary horoscope can help him. This direction of astrology is necessary to establish favorable dates. For example, event astrology can predict the day when it is best to open a business, start a business. In addition, a horary horoscope can indicate bad days for a number of areas of activity. Horary astrology can warn against possible failures and, conversely, push a person to an important action or act.

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What can not be learned using horary astrology? Event horoscope will not be able to illuminate changes in human life. Such a mission is assigned to natal astrology. The answer will be blurred if the question is asked sufficiently general.

With the help of event astrology, it is impossible to obtain accurate data associated with numbers. You can not get information about weight, length, distance. In horary astrology, everything is pretty blurry. One can only clarify with such quantities: large or small, far or close, a lot or a little.

Image by annca from Pixabay

But thanks to this area of ​​astrology, you can easily find out the result of a sporting event, your grade at school, or the time the plumber arrived.

Horary astrology is widely used in business circles. Many businessmen actively use astrological predictions for their own purposes. Event astrology helps them choose a good day to complete a transaction, find out the period of the economic crisis and how to avoid it.

Use horary horoscope and politicians. With the help of astrologers, they already know the election results in advance. In addition, they listen to the advice of their personal stargazers in order to successfully plan their affairs.

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Horary astrology originates in India. In the first millennium BC, the teaching began to develop in connection with the cooperation of Indian tribes with Greco-Roman civilization. Indian texts have been translated into Sanskrit.

In the 9th century AD, the doctrine of horary astrology became known to Arab countries. Later it migrated to Europe, where it began to spread with lightning speed. Horary astrology has gained great popularity in Europe. Many European astrologers supplemented the teachings with their research. For example, the Italian astrologer Guido Bonatti improved his knowledge in the field of event astrology and raised it to a new level.

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