What do unconscious drawings in notebook mean

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While talking on the phone, the hand unconsciously draws on paper drawings, symbols, or incomprehensible scribbles – does this happen to you? These “characters” can tell a lot about you.

Psychologists are sure: the drawings on the margins of the notebook say that the person has thoughts in mind at the moment. Thus, you can easily analyze your own state or find out what is going on in the soul of another person, just by looking at his “painting”.

1. Geometric shapes. A square, a triangle, and other angular figures are drawn by people who are in the process of making an important decision. They have a lot of doubts that they are trying to figure out. Often, geometric shapes appear in the margins of those who like to clash and quarrel over trifles. On paper, they reflect all their “sharp” feelings and discontent.

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2. Grid. Crossed lines or bars are a reflection of indecision. Perhaps now in life, a person develops a difficult situation from which he cannot find a way out. Often the grid is drawn by those who want to insulate themselves from the external environment. Perhaps, a person is in a quarrel with someone from close people or was holding a grudge against someone. Behind the crossed lines there is a desire to close from everyone.


3. Circles. Circles intersecting with each other, make it clear that a person is extremely dissatisfied with what is happening now in his life. He can not do anything in this situation, and because of this suffers. Circles are also drawn by people who feel rejected. Maybe they quarreled with friends or a project that they prepared at work, transferred to the wrong hands. They lack understanding and support from loved ones.

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4. Ornaments. Boring lives have those who draw in the fields of intricate and clear ornaments. They have nothing else to do except to draw them. Nothing happened to them for a long time – neither good nor bad – and they dream of a shake. In relations with the beloved, they want to move to a new stage, but the partner does not take any action. Again, take everything in their own hand? Apparently, yes, because such people are usually natured decisive and active.


5 Flowers. The need for warmth, love, and affection is experienced by those who draw flowers on paper. These are romantic natures, loving walks under the moon and love serenades. Often such people draw in their imagination the ideal of the chosen one and experience it without finding it. You can advise them to remove rose-colored glasses, although they are unlikely to follow this advice. They like to be in this state. By the way, sometimes the flowers in the margins may simply indicate the good mood of the person who drew them.

6. Hearts. This symbol speaks for itself. The person depicting hearts is in love and thinks about the object of his passion. This love can be mutual or unrequited – that’s not the point. Often, people who draw hearts prefer to hide their feelings for a long time, fearing that they will not be reciprocated. As a result, they torment themselves with doubts and suffering, displaying love symbols on paper. Hearts can also be drawn by someone who is currently sympathetic to the person with whom or about whom he is talking.

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