What do men consider obsessive about women behavior?

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There is nothing wrong with making efforts in a relationship, but sometimes your efforts can be too much. If a man considers you obsessive, then you are. So what did you do?

1. Permanent posts.

Couples usually correspond a lot, but don’t make a man write to you all day. Even if he likes you, he has other things to do. If you write to him too much and often, you become obsessive. Give him more space.

2. You do not allow him to meet with friends.

Men do not like it when their girl shows a clear discontent with their meetings with friends. But couples can’t do everything together. If you force your boyfriend to cancel a meeting with friends, because you “need” him, you are obsessive.

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3. You constantly ask where he is and what he does.

He is not 15 years old, and you are not his mother, so you do not need to follow all his movements. Yes, couples share with each other what is happening in life, but this does not mean that you can constantly check where he is and what he is doing. If he considers it necessary, he will tell.

4. You hate his girlfriends.

What is bad about girlfriends? If you hate them or are jealous, then you are unsure and obsessive. Unless he flirts with them or it’s not his ex, you can relax and not worry about anything.

5. You do not move away from him a single step.

You are too attached or jealous if you do not let him go a step away from you. And also intrusive.

6. You try to choose his clothes.

Unless he wants it himself, he doesn’t need it. He is not small, and insisting on specific clothes, you are obsessive and trying to control him.

7. You move to him without asking.

If he did not offer you to live together, if you did not discuss this, do not move to him. This is the behavior of an obsessive girl.

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8. You add to your friends all his friends and relatives.

Yes, sooner or later you will meet them, but do not try to do it before he introduces you to them. If your man himself is not yet sure that he wants to build a serious relationship with you, then you yourself may then be embarrassed when he wants to leave.

9. Your routine rotates around him.

If you cancel all your plans and forget about your friends, only to meet your boyfriend – you are obsessive. You must have your life outside the relationship.

10. You agree with everything he says.

But couples do not have to agree with each other. You have the right to express your opinion, even if it is the opposite. In addition, men even like it.

11. You are obsessed with social networks.

Yes, today everything is on the Internet, but healthy relationships occur in real life. Don’t be mad if he didn’t like your last post, that he doesn’t post a lot of your photos together. Otherwise, you are obsessive.

12. You need constant assurances of love.

Of course, a good man will bathe you in love and attention, but he should not confess to you in love every 10 minutes. Otherwise, you are unsure and obsessive.

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