What awaits each Zodiac sign in 2020

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What awaits each Zodiac sign in 2020? 2020 will bring something different to each Zodiac Sign. In 2020, the White Metal Rat will take over the energy management, which will “ascend the throne” on January 25th.

An unusual year awaits us: two paired numbers converge in it, it will be a leap and will open a new twelve-year cycle. A prudent, cunning and vain Rat has prepared its surprises for each Zodiac Sign. The forecast will help to meet 2020 fully equipped, it is easier to transfer fateful moments and avoid problems. If you want to know what awaits each Zodiac sign in next year keep on reading!


Your Union with the White Rat is a powerful impetus, thanks to which you can roll mountains. But this is possible only with the proper line of behavior: you cannot rush things, show aggression and engage in direct confrontation. You often waste your strength and energy in vain. There are many reasons, but the most important of them in 2020 is categorical and straightforward. For the sake of success in some situations you will have to become more loyal, and in some way – more cunning. But there will be a desire to start a new life: fall in love again, get an education, change image. And if you do not go astray, you will ultimately find your happiness.


The Rat is a purposeful, very decisive and ambitious animal, so your stubborn and patient energy harmonizes this union. If you do not doubt the difficult situations for a long time, then the mistress of the year will do everything to help you. It is advisable to strengthen energy and overcome a sense of fear, because of which desires and ambitions are constantly being destroyed. Vigorous activity and enthusiastic enthusiasm of Rats will be able to spark motivation and inspiration in you. If you can take advantage of the accumulated experience and translate wisdom into practice, then this will bring you to a new standard of living as early as 2020.


You are an ambivalent being who likes to postpone decision-making for later. You are driven by emotional impulses, spontaneous thoughts, and illogical conclusions. But with the tailed patroness of the year, such a number will not work. There is only one way out: to learn to accept reality as it is, to take care of yourself and your emotions, and to control them in unusual situations. In 2020 you will have to act quick, and this will make you ever-relaxed pack up. But the dividends that will bring a new rhythm of life will delight you: new goals will come, as well as opportunities to open a cash flow and attract good luck.

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The Rat is very practical but loves improvisation, which is not characteristic of your prudent being. Therefore, long-term planning is unlikely to help attract luck, money, and happiness in 2020. If you do not change your tactics, you will face losses in many areas of life. Lightness in relation to various life situations and adversities will allow you to spend the next year on the crest of luck. 2020 is an excellent year for building, strengthening and restoring personal relationships. The summer months will be a time of real breakthrough in various matters: opportunities will literally begin to fall from the sky. It is advisable for you not to miss this happy time.


You should be vigilant. Try to use some affirmations in order to remove viruses of consciousness, which can cause difficulties in life. The patroness of the year will put you on a roller coaster, providing both periods of high rise and moments of emotional decline. And if you can control yourself, become a little more practical and cunning, you will receive a noticeable improvement in life, and immediately on all fronts. For the sake of success, you will have to give up many habits, as well as suppress selfishness and anger.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Metal Rat and you are connected by a thorough approach to any task. You will first think seven times and only after you do, so your union in 2020 will be successful. Your kindness and charisma will allow many conflicts to be completed by compromise, and family relations can be established. The most important thing is to maintain energy at the proper level, using breathing practices or other techniques. Negativity can ruin luck. It is likely that diligence and activity will bring an increase in income. In addition, you will also have good intuition, so in 2020 you will be able to choose the best from thousands of options.

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Your best qualities – determination, the ability to objectively evaluate what is happening and to persistently go to the results – will be appreciated by the patroness of 2020. The tandem of the Rat and you will work out in the best way, which promises you a fruitful year, filled with new victories and achievements. In the fall, you should wait for tests that will test your strength and will significantly strengthen your position. Of course, if you do not fall into an emotional impasse. Try to seek a way out in the advice of others: only good work on yourself will help to form the necessary guidelines.


You are bright and you live under the control of your own emotions and desires. You strive for comfort and have difficulty surviving defeats. And the White Rat does not like those who are not ready to sacrifice something for the sake of success. Therefore, in order not to lose the patronage of the mistress of the year and make your wishes come true, you should control your emotions, listen to the opinions of others, and sometimes give up something in the hope of something more. If all this works out, then the year will be successful.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


You in 2020 will want to go with the flow, but if you show perseverance and self-discipline, you will quickly come to your goals. In the year of the White Rat, you will have to make concessions more than once, not only in business relations but also in your personal life. Otherwise, exacerbation of old, calmed conflicts that will cause severance of relations is possible. The second half of the year will confront you with a mass of minor troubles that will require a quick solution. And although no special shocks are expected, it can still unsettle. The forces spent on resolving problems will pay off handsomely. At the end of the year, you will have a pleasant surprise: a ticket to the sea, car keys or a new apartment.

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The patroness of the year does not like stubborn and restless, and you are just like that, so try to have both patience and optimism. In 2020, the ability to put up with different life circumstances and not lose your fortitude will come in handy. Dramatic changes are expected in the first half of the year and relate to relations with a partner and relatives. It is very important to monitor your words and exclude any flirting on the side. In the pursuit of new emotions, do not forget about what was created for many years. By succumbing to emotions and showing restraint, you run the risk of ending the year with heavy losses.


When the Rat ascends the throne, you can forget about calm and stability. In 2020 difficulties will constantly arise in front of you. Overcoming them will help you to gain experience, remove energy blocks, grow and, possibly, become a completely different person. Of course, this will require tremendous mental work on oneself, but efforts will not be in vain. The most important thing is not to assert oneself at someone else’s expense: this threatens problems both in the business sphere and in personal life. For the rest, the Rat will favor you in money, love and personal growth.


You will be able to find your way in life in the new year. 2019 was, by and large, a period of correcting mistakes and setting new goals. From January 2020, the time will come for the implementation of all ambitious ideas and designs. But if you will be lazy and content with what you have, the Rat will add chaos and confusion. The energy of the patroness of the year should be used to solve global problems, and not be wasted on trifles and an idle lifestyle. You will have the best intuition, and in the new year, it is important for you to always listen to what the heart tells: these are the truest tips.

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