Weekly love horoscope for November 4th to 10th, 2019

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Weekly love horoscope promises a good start to November. This week, many will succeed in love. Weekly love horoscope will help you find the path to happiness.

This week, love will resemble a minefield, so be especially careful. The influence of Venus in Sagittarius is fraught with a catch – emotional lightness. In this state, it is easy to fall in love, make a new romance, confess your feelings, but it is equally easy to lose your head and make a lot of mistakes. So the advice of weekly love horoscope: dream, do not quarrel with loved ones, enjoy life, but do not forget about discretion.


The Sun weakened in Scorpio means that this week there is a high probability of quarreling with a loved one over money. Try to prepare for such a conversation and stock up on arguments. The second potential shock also concerns the partner. Perhaps some secrets will be revealed. Your intuition will be aggravated at the beginning of the week, therefore you stand, contrary to your habits, to give in to instincts and listen to the voice of the heart.


Venus in Sagittarius puts your personal life in the spotlight. All that is needed for happiness now is to look and feel great. On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is a chance of a meeting that will change your life. A new or past love can arise in front of you completely unexpectedly, so it is important to prepare for this meeting and arouse your charm.

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Try not to exchange for trifles. If you have long been planning to break your energy ties, or if something does not suit you in your personal life, then it’s time to cut the knot. Active Saturn and its aspects with the Sun and Neptune at the end of the week will bring fantastic success. You will be able to figure out any problem that torments you, and brilliantly solve it.

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November 2019 will be for you a stepping stone on the path to love victories. Prudence and cold calculation are certainly good, but not when you have to think for a long time about what to do, and ultimately remain in place. Even if you are used to always taking the first step in love, Venus will force you to take the initiative in your hands this week. The situation will develop in such a way that you will either be left with nothing or will show determination and pressure.


It is very important for you not to lose your positions in November. Try to take care of what you have and not acting at the expense of personal life. If possible, it is worth abandoning high-profile disputes and clarifying relationships. You will go hard and can lead to new problems. It is better to spend a week calmly: try for the common good, maintain harmony in the relationship, and leave the changes for December.


Try to stay away from clarifying relationships, jealousy, stressful situations, and conflicts. While Venus passes the constellation Sagittarius, it will be difficult to achieve mutual understanding and support. For now, hot topics are best left in the dark. What you should do is shine: go on dates, get to know each other, surprise everyone. It will turn out different things: a new novel, a conquered heart, an occasion for the black envy of rivals.

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You should not count on such things as a successful blind date, a surprise of your soulmate or love for life. Now you can rely only on yourself and your intuition. This is a great time for personal success, and the week will be very productive, especially if you manage to relax and meditate a bit against all odds. Having put his thoughts and feelings in order, you will quickly cope with affairs and problems and, possibly, free up time for romance and new acquaintances.


Very soon, the Sun will leave your constellation. You can feel sad even if you did not suspect that the Sun was in your sign. Against this background, quarrels with a loved one are likely, sharp outbreaks of jealousy, a changeable mood. Now is that rare moment when you can grab luck by the tail. Have an idea of how to improve your relationship? Get down to business: write down your thoughts, create a wish card, look for information, surprise your partner. While the Sun is on your side, which means that success is very close.

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This week, those of you who are lonely are better off staying away from gossip and romantic encounters. If you still have to get acquainted and solve urgent problems, try to keep yourself in control and carefully select words. But family people can await for wonderful news, partner support and the fulfillment of what is desired.

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Your efforts at work or in your personal life, alas, will not receive recognition. If you wanted to publish some high-profile ideas, it is better to wait for now. The activity of Mars in Libra hints that the world is not yet ready for your decisiveness and initiative. This is not bad and not good, just so the stars came together. It is better to switch to home and family. Something interesting is possible in this area: for example, trips and joint leisure. If there were any plans in this regard, you can be revived and executed: the result will be impressive.


A week under the influence of Neptune and Saturn is not very suitable for romantic trips, acquaintances and attempts to radically change the order in established relationships. Try to leave these ventures for now and think about how to harmonize your life. The theme of harmony has been asking for your life for more than a month. On Monday, there will be new offers and opportunities to improve everything. The chances of success are huge, you can only diligently yield to fate.


You should postpone long trips and meetings with relatives. Now, these are topics that risk adding problems and spoiling the mood. But a long-standing affair that has stalled will move from the dead center. You definitely need to take steps to further improve the situation so that Venus supports your endeavors and ensures success.

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