Weekly horoscope for October 28th to November 3rd, 2019

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Weekly horoscope forecast will give you an idea of what awaits you, how to react to things, and how to find success in every sphere of life. This week, it is important to free our minds from all that is superfluous, because many of us can wait for energy transformation.


For you, it is beginning a period when the sphere of finance and work comes first in importance. You can attract money and luck by the power of thought, as well as hard work, increased enthusiasm for work. This week you shouldn’t expect major changes, but in general, the stars will become a little more positive for you. You need to continue the previous path and not take risks. It is recommended for you to show more patience and not enter into conflicts this week. You need to stay away from unpleasant communication, as well as calmly respond to criticism from relatives and colleagues. While the stars are calm, you can engage in spiritual practices, meditation, creativity.


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To find happiness, you need not find something, but rather, get rid of excess. It is about several things that prevent you from seeing the world in the right light. These things make it difficult to succeed. It’s time to identify your weaknesses. When communicating with people, tactfulness will be useful, because it will pleasantly contrast with the increased emotionality of others. It is advisable for you this week to deal with topical problems that cannot be postponed until later. Household chores, work, shopping – all this will well affect your mood.

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For you may begin a rather difficult period. At the end and at the very beginning of the week, you can be overwhelmed by unpleasant minor troubles at home and at work, in love and in the financial sphere. To cope with it will help only patience and a little perseverance. Do not quit what you have begun now, because you are close to victory. The main thing at the junction of October and November is to create favorable energy in your house. To do this, you need to keep it clean, and also do not quarrel with the household members. Even if you feel motivated and rush in a good mood, it is not advisable you take on all things at once. In such a difficult time, you should be extremely careful and consistent.


The surrounding people in relation to you will become more responsive and open. In your life, a new period begins, when you can make new friends, as well as get rid of unnecessary acquaintances with toxic people. Planets and stars do not undergo any changes in the energy sector now, so it’s worth doing the usual things at home and at work. You should spend more time doing business if there is any reason for frustration and worries. This will allow the dark sides of your character to remain hidden. Kind and helpful people need to be treated as positively as possible. Mutual assistance in such periods solves a lot of problems. At the same time, it is important not to go to extremes, because excessive altruism also does not lead to good.

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You should learn to defend yourself against energy vampires because this week they will be activated. It is advisable to choose your environment correctly. You need to communicate more with friends and relatives, as well as with those who deserve full trust. The rest is better not to devote to your plans. At the beginning of the week, negative thoughts and fears are possible, old complexes and insults can remind of oneself. This means that it is better to postpone important decisions to the end of the working week or to the weekend when the energy of stars and planets becomes a little more creative and predictable.

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For you there comes a time when you can have a great rest, change the atmosphere, transform yourself and your life. The power of words and thoughts will help you change the future. No need to be afraid to talk about your successes, think about the good and strive to solve problems. Increased activity is the key to success this week. Take as a notice that at the end of October it will be easier for you to adapt to changes, so you can safely look for a new job, start new relationships, transfer them to a new level. Expensive acquisitions will also be helpful. You are an overly dreamy person, but now it will only benefit you.


You will be more worried about the future than the past. The energy of stars and planets is very well suited to analyze your life and set new goals. There comes a time of increased activity in the business sphere. You can’t wait for the weather to become better near the sea, because this period of time will be quite dynamic. If in business and work, you should move from words to actions and show more courage, then in love it is better just to throw a fishing rod and wait. It is undesirable now to rush things in the amorous sphere.


Love affairs for you will be very important. In order to maintain existing relations, you will have to show a little patience. Your soulmate can become more picky and prone to criticism. It is better not to respond with a negative to a negative, otherwise, you can provoke a quarrel and discord. It is traditionally believed that you love to travel and a change of scenery. This week, it is better to avoid long trips, as well as grandiose purchases. You need to focus on work, household chores and peace of mind. Home energy will help you regain strength and stay in good shape.

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You will have the opportunity to radically change your life. At the junction of October and November, you will have to face some troubles at work. In general, these seven days will be extremely productive for you. In the love sphere, you need faith in yourself, as well as positive thinking. You can make a good impression on others with the help of optimism and humor. Also important is the desire to help in a difficult situation. Responsiveness is a quality that most of you will be in short supply at the end of October.


You are one of the most jealous Zodiac Signs. This negative quality may worsen this week, but it’s better not to show it to your loved one. It is advisable for you to make an effort to get rid of such thoughts. In this regard, work will help you. It is important to tune into a business spirit, because new opportunities may appear in this area. It will also be useful to do household chores, cleaning. Life will turn in a new direction, so you need to hold on tight so as not to miss the good chances. It is possible that some important events will happen this week that will help you to take a fresh look at the world around you.

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