Weekly horoscope for November 4th to 10th, 2019

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Weekly horoscope advises you this week to take care of energy protection. The fact is that the high activity of stars and planets will provoke many people to negative. This mainly concerns toxic personalities and energy vampires. If there are such people in your environment, then it is advisable to stay away from communicating with them.


This week try to follow the rules of a happy life. Acting on inspiration is not a good choice right now, so it’s better to just take note of these rules and not deviate from the course. The week will be very unpredictable, dynamic. That is why you will have to restrain your emotions and radically change the method of doing business. It is important to listen more not to the heart, but the mind. You are explosive and emotional people, whose actions are sometimes ahead of thoughts, so you need to slow down a little. You may need to take the advice of a loved one. Try to listen to those who you respect. In some situations, an outside opinion is needed.


You can expect a very positive week from any point of view. It will be a time when even routine work brings pleasure when even negative emotions and disappointments teach you something useful. Good luck will smile for you on November 6th. At this time, the planets will come into harmony with the stars. Thanks to this, you will succeed in love and in the financial sphere. You can take a temporary vacation, go on a trip. Absolutely any choice will be right if you make it consciously.

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The financial sector will become the most important for you in the period from November 4th to 10th. You can safely go shopping, but do not spend money on something useless, otherwise, losses can not be avoided. Try to compile lists and shop in a good mood: with parents, friends or a soul mate. You can make yourself or your loved one a pleasant surprise. You should not forget about love and communication, because on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the planets will be active. This will allow you to become even more charming than usual, make new acquaintances or strengthen relations with your significant other.

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You should focus on what is happening, and not on what has already happened. The past is now losing its significance, and the future is gaining strength. From November 4th to 10th, there is a good chance that you will meet a nice person on your way who can become a friend, soulmate, or good friend. There will be an opportunity to find a new hobby, a new source of income. Your life is being transformed, becoming more interesting. If you do not sit around, then the end of autumn and the beginning of winter for you will be the best time of the outgoing 2019. It is likely that already this week will start a host of new mechanisms in life.


You should communicate more with nice people. Do not trust unfamiliar people and do not talk about your plans. This week is favorable for solving personal problems, for household chores and work. The chances of success in the search for your soul mate are not very great right now, but this does not mean that you need to quit the search. Good luck in existing relationships awaits you, who know how to forgive and compromise.

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For you is beginning a period when you should not take too much risk, sort things out and put ultimatums. It is better to solve problem situations calmly, without unnecessary emotions, otherwise, you will create more difficulties for yourself. November will be a very important month when the world and people can surprise. It will not always be pleasant, but you can always prepare for it. Perhaps, from November 4th to 10th, you will need more strength and energy to overcome obstacles, so you need to know how to restore your aura and biofield. It is likely that simple rest and relaxation will not be enough. You need to change the atmosphere, treat yourself to new things, make a new hairstyle.

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Most of the negative energy at the end of autumn and in particular this week will accumulate in the house. It’s time to think about how to clean the house from negativity on its own. Planets and stars want you to spend as little time as possible in four walls. Even on weekends, try doing shopping, business, working overtime, going on dates, helping relatives and friends. Increased activity will be the key to success. You need to walk more, more often to be in the fresh air, not to be lazy and to struggle with procrastination in all possible ways. In this case, it will be a very bright and productive time.


This week may remind you that thought is material. This is how the law of attraction works: you think about something good, dream, and when it happens in your life. This is not magic, but a symbiosis of psychological mood and positive energy. You will have every chance to make your dreams come true. You will be accompanied by good luck in love, in business and the financial sphere, as well as in other areas of life. The most important thing is to have clear goals, let there be several. Multitasking will not hinder success now, but it’s better not to do several things at once. No need to go to extremes: excessive activity can lead to overwork.

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You can get lucky in love. This applies to those who are already in a relationship, and those who are still in search. The week will be rich in favorable events, especially in the cupid sphere. But even at such an opportune time, there are some flaws. You need to build relationships with the most faithful people. For those who are already in love, try not to rush things and take care of your soulmate more. As for the sphere of money and work, here too the planets can pleasantly surprise you. This is a very favorable period for a job change. It will become easier for you to adapt to new conditions, to find a common language with those around you. This week try to show less selfishness.

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You can expect a rather dynamic and interesting time when you just can not slow down. You need to stay in good shape for all seven days. Very positive times are coming, which are worth preparing for. The time has come to take the initiative into our own hands, not hoping for a chance. If you want something, then there is no need to wait for better weather by the sea. Stars and planets from November 4th to 10th will make you hardy. Especially, an important day can be considered November 8th. This is a great moment for new beginnings, important matters, acquaintances and meetings.


You don’t have to expect to have any serious recessions or take-offs. It will be a very calm time, in which you want to do what you want and what you need. You may need more patience in your relationship with your soulmate. Try not to be jealous of a loved one, not to provoke him. In business and at work, it is worth undertaking only what is most important. It is undesirable to take risks, but also should not hide in the shade. You need to act according to the situation. This is an ideal time for introspection, for parsing past mistakes, for resolving legal issues and for shopping.


You may encounter small troubles in the love sphere and in communication. There may be a conflict of interest, quarrels in the family and at work. For joint affairs with a loved one, the time is not the most favorable, but it is advisable to avoid complete solitude. In the financial sector, you need to be straightforward, but at the same time responsible and fair. It is important to program your energy for success in order to eliminate the possibility of failure. It is advisable to beware of people to whom there is no trust. You can’t do business with them.

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