Wedding beliefs: are they a hoax or trustful?

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Wedding beliefs and signs can be found in the ceremonies in different nations worldwide. After all, a wedding is a responsible and fateful step. Ever since ancient times, elders and sages attributed certain significance and meaning to certain phenomena in the process of marriage. What are the signs on the wedding day and what can they tell about further married life?

Wedding signs can tell not only about the future life of newlyweds in marriage but also about family leadership and the nature of family relationships.

The one who first gets on the wedding carpet will be the head of the family. In order for harmony and equality to prevail in the family, the spouses must simultaneously step on the carpet, otherwise one of them will depress the other all his life.

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Many signs associated with the rings. Everyone knows that if you drop a ring at a wedding ceremony, then family life will be unhappy. During the wedding, the bride and groom should be completely confident in their choice, and if their hands tremble and the ring falls, then perhaps one of them doubts.

If a man wants to be the main one in the family, then he needs to put a wedding ring on the finger of his chosen one to the base of the finger. Thus, he binds and subjugates her.

For the material well-being of the family, it is necessary to put a coin in the shoes of the groom. Before the wedding night, the bride herself must undo the groom and get the money.

In ancient Russia, clay pots were beaten at weddings and looked: if the pot was broken, it meant that the bride was chaste. If the pot remained intact, then the girl was doomed to shame. This sign has reached our days, however, its meaning has changed a bit. For weddings, the bride and groom break glasses with champagne. If there are many fragments, then they will be happy.

Have you ever wondered why the wedding procession is loudly honking? Perhaps this is from an overabundance of emotions? No! This tradition has come to us from our ancestors. In Ancient times, bells were hung on a horse collar. With the bell-ringing, people tried to scare away evil spirits.

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Many interesting signs are associated with a wedding dress. Neither before the wedding nor after it, the bride should not let anyone try her wedding dress on. From ancient times it was believed that wedding attire was a purely personal thing. If someone tries on the bride’s dress, then family happiness is transferred to him. The same goes for the engagement ring.

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Divorced wedding witnesses are a bad sign. It is believed that if the witness is divorced, then he carries a great energy threat to the newlyweds.

The bride’s tears before the wedding are not a bad omen. On the contrary, if the bride cries before the wedding ceremony, then her energy will be cleaned and she will enter a new life with renewed vigor.

The longitude of the married years can be found by the length of the bride’s wedding dress. The longer the dress, the more the couple will live together.

Each of these signs is based on folk wisdom and has some magical meaning. Currently, these beliefs have grown into traditions, without which it is impossible to imagine a single wedding.

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