We are born 7 times in life. Which birth stage are you now?

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It is believed that this is your first birth. For the first time your soul sees the world. You feel like a newborn. People at this stage of birth have not yet found their feet. Every effort they make is failing. This life, being the first, challenges them. This life is conducted with great difficulty. This is your chance to look at the world and begin to understand it, so that you are ready for the next stage, that is, life.


A disciple is a second birth or first rebirth. Your soul has already learned to understand the world. You spend this life trying to learn something. If you spend most of your time trying to learn new things, understand what people think, how they act and why they do what they do, then you are probably at the second stage of life. You not only learn about others, but about yourself. Who are you, what should you do, why do you act in a certain way, and so on?


The third life or the second revival is the life of the study. Now that your soul has understood what to expect from life and what you need to study, your life will force you to explore. You will be attracted by new ideas, new thoughts, new places and much more. Your soul is now looking for experience. The third birth is exciting.


The fourth life brings you love. Your soul has learned from the past, now it will try to draw love into your life. You will find love in other lives, but true love, as we imagine it, will come in this life. The best aspect of this life is that it will require effort, but once you find your true love, it will remain forever.


The fifth life or the fourth revival is when everything that you have learned, experienced and found will be used. Your soul will reach new heights. Everything that your life has taught you will be used to achieve the goal.


The sixth life forces you to return what you have acquired in your previous lives. You will help others (who are not yet at this stage of life) to understand what they should do. If you feel the desire to constantly help others, if you think more about the goals of other people, then you definitely live the sixth life. This life will be spent in teaching, helping, gifting.


In the seventh and last life, everyday worries will not concern you. In your life, it will be conducted in pursuit of something much greater than yourself. If you find that you feel detached from the regularity of life; that you hate everyday drama and the trivial things with which people fight, then it can hint that you are in the last stage of life.

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