Watermelon diet for the brave

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The peak of enthusiasm for all sorts of diets comes, as you know, in the spring. But you should try to maintain that slim body always. For example, in August! Especially since at the end of summer, a simple and tasty way to become slimmer appears – a watermelon diet. Not that you can’t do it in spring!

Watermelon was known four thousand years ago. This is evidenced by drawings in the tombs of the Egyptians, which depict the seeds and leaves of this large berry. Traditionally, watermelons were grown in the countries of Central Asia.

Interestingly, the watermelons then did not eat raw, but soaked the slices in sugar syrup for a long time and cooked with pepper and other spices. For a long time, watermelon was considered a useless delicacy, they thought that there was only water and sugar in it. However, in the XX century, scientists have established that this is an amazingly valuable berry.


The healing properties of watermelon

Watermelon is indispensable for hypertension, circulatory failure, nephritis, liver, and biliary tract diseases. It is an excellent diuretic, is used to clean the intestines, crushing and removing stones from the bladder. Prolonged consumption of watermelon pulp cures chronic gastritis. Due to the fact that fiber helps to eliminate cholesterol from the body, the inclusion of watermelon in the diet gives a positive result in the treatment of gout, arthritis, atherosclerosis.

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If you do not have enough vitamin A, C, B6, and folic acid, regularly think about this delicacy. But remember the sense of proportion. For example, to cover the daily rate of vitamin C, it is enough to eat only four pieces. According to some experts, watermelon can lift mood, the same way as does chocolate.


Watermelon slimming effect

It is worth noting that, among other things, the watermelon diet is also convenient. First, in late summer – early autumn, watermelons are sold at every step. Secondly, the watermelon diet is one of the easiest to perform. Neither counting calories (however, if you really want to, you can count: 4 ounces of watermelon pulp contain 38 kilocalories), or a menu. It is only necessary to strictly follow one rule: there are watermelons and nothing more (in extreme cases, one or two slices of rye bread at each meal).

Watermelon diet meals should be five to six times a day. For this number of meals, you must eat watermelon at the rate of two pounds per 22 pounds of body weight. That is, if you weigh 165 pounds, you need to distribute 16.5 pounds of watermelon into five to six parts. Watermelon diet, like most mono-diets, is not recommended to continue more than five days (if there are only watermelons) and 10 days (if the bread is included in the diet).

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The effectiveness of watermelon diet is high enough. In less than a week you can lose 6 to 11 pounds. And with the right way out of the diet lose eight pounds. Along the way, during a watermelon diet, you can clean the kidneys well. To do this, it is necessary to consume watermelons closer to the night, because it is at night that an increased concentration of urine occurs, contributing to stone formation in the kidneys and bladder.

As a rule, the watermelon diet is not accompanied by discomfort and deterioration of health. However, if such a large-scale absorption of watermelon still caused you to have heaviness in the stomach, flatulence, or bloating, you can correct the situation with watermelon juice. Watermelon juice does not complicate the work of the gastrointestinal tract, because it contains less organic acids than in the flesh of the fruit, and there is no dietary fiber.



Watermelon diet is contraindicated in diabetes mellitus, diseases of the pancreas, kidney stones, congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system, prostate adenoma, pyelonephritis, postoperative adhesive processes.

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In addition, watermelon diet, including bread, is harmful to patients suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, as this combination of products can lead to exacerbations of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. It is also necessary to interrupt the diet if after one or two days you have any serious problems with digestion or well-being.


Out of the watermelon diet

If the whole term of the diet you survived safely and no deviations were observed, this does not mean that you can start abruptly to your normal diet. Watermelon diet was for the body a real shock therapy, therefore, in order to return to a normal diet, you should not pounce on the usual food.

Proper exit from the watermelon diet is a prerequisite for overweight to not return. To do this, you need to follow the simple rules for one or two weeks. Your breakfast should consist of oatmeal, buckwheat or rice porridge on the water, a small amount of cottage cheese or low-fat cheese (can be replaced with one egg). Lunch – from fish dishes, lean meat or poultry, as well as light green salad, seasoned with lemon juice or sour berries and a teaspoon of olive oil. And dinner – from watermelon, but now at the rate of 2.2 pounds of pulp per 66 pounds of your own weight.

A small “but”! Watermelon diet, for all its temptation, can be tolerated quite hard, and it is not recommended to stick to it for more than 10 days. Just like most of these diets, watermelon food reduces weight due to the removal of fluids and slags, rather than reducing the fat layer.

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