Water Element: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Are you one of them, I mean the Water people? Or maybe your loved one is, or someone in your family or friends? This is a great possibility to know them better.

All these signs of the zodiac have incredible intuition, increased emotionality and sensitivity. Among the people representing the Element of Water, there are a lot of talented artists, musicians and writers. People of this element have excellent abilities, which they can show by engaging in creative crafts. In addition to creative professions, Water people perfectly exist in the areas of justice and service.

In difficult situations, they may appear defenseless and will ask for help, but in fact the signs of this element always know how to proceed further and get out of the water. Among Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, there are often people with supernatural powers. This they often frighten those around them and become, thus, lonely and unrecognized. They have a strong intuition. They are able to see a person “through”, as well as to anticipate the upcoming events.

By their nature they are phlegmatic. They are difficult to surprise, but they are ready to surprise themselves. They have a fairly sharp change in mood, and, at times, in their appearance, it is difficult to determine their attitude to the situation. Zodiac signs of the Water Element more listen to their intuition and mental state, rather than to the mind. They are guided by feelings and emotions, although at first glance about them so you will not tell. They are grateful and are always ready to give a helping hand to the needy. The main thing for them in life is recognition, respect and love. At what all these three components should be manifested in all spheres of life in which representatives of the Water Element revolve.

Cancer are more flexible and active. They are hard to argue, they always try to insist on their own. Scorpio are calculating and pragmatic, they always go to their intended purpose and methods for this are sometimes cruel. Pisces tend to swim with the flow. They do not try to solve the problem, but simply bypass it. They are quite secretive and often stay in their fantasies and dreams.

It is better to build family relations and friendship with these zodiac signs with people of your element, as well as with representatives of the Earth . In the union of Earth and Air, people will complement each other. Incompatibility can be traced in alliance with the element of Fire. These elements are very different and their representatives will constantly compete with each other.

Advantages of these signs of the zodiac are sensitivity to the interlocutor, good intuition, patience, creative inclinations, aspiration for perfection. The main shortcomings of representatives of the Element of Water are: aggressiveness, lack of a firm position, secrecy, pessimistic mood, irritability.

For the normal existence of people this element must always be near the water. Water gives them energy and powers them. For Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will not hurt to have an aquarium with fish in the house, and make a pool or dig a pond.

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