Uranus in Taurus: what can you expect according to your Zodiac sign in the next 7 years?

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On March 7th, Uranus finally moved to the constellation of Taurus and will remain there for seven years. There comes a time when each of us needs to make a “revolution” in our life. I’m not sure if you can feel it already. I feel. I actually felt the changes two years ago!

Since my life breaks in too nine-year cycles, I think, Uranus didn’t want to mess up my life now. It did start destroying my life two years ago, then on my palm in the mountain of Uranus appeared a dot. He leveraged my life so now he could start to bring in to my life some freshness.

My life changed for the best. I started woking up with the Sun and went to sleep nearly with it. My food consumption changed. I lost some fat, also started working out. I became happier, probably a better person. I think I found some goals and a way for me to realize myself. And that is just a start…

All of us are waiting for dramatic changes, especially in matters of money, work, and comfort. We’ll have to part with all that pulls us down and explore new horizons.

I decided to share why it is impossible to live as before and what all the signs of the Zodiac are waiting until April 2026. If you will not give into changes, Uranus will force them on you.

The influence of Uranus on human life

Uranus is the most freedom-loving and unpredictable planet. This is a planet of changes and surprises that break into a person’s life at the most inappropriate moment. This is what happened to me two years ago. If you think that you will write in the diary new goals and start gradually changing your life, then no – this will not happen. Uranus will not give you time to think, will not leave you a choice, will not allow you to plan everything and go quietly to the goal. It will destroy your life in one instant and you will have to resurrect yourself from the ashes, like the Phoenix bird. Yes, this is what I told on March 30th, 2018, on my birthday then the new nine-year cycle for me started: “I shall rise from ashes like Phoenix!” You can check that fact on my Instagram account @planetgunta

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And, a year ago I wasn’t even interested in what was Uranus going to do in the future. I again, not knowing, predicted. Sometimes I can’t separate my thoughts from the information I gain from the Universe. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have my own thoughts at all like I’m just a radio.

So, back to the Uranus.

For all the surprises in our life, pleasant and not so good, we must thank Uranus. This is the only planet that goes around the Sun on its side and rotates in different directions. He rules the fact that defies the laws of logic. You are planning one thing, and here, another happens – something that should not have been. And the main thing is that all who resist the changes that are under the influence of Uranus will be mired in a quagmire of failures.

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Features of the influence of Uranus in Taurus

On March 7th, Uranus moved over to constellation of Taurus and will remain there for seven whole years. Uranus is responsible for change, and Taurus manages finances, work, and comfort. This means that all of us are waiting for change, abrupt and unpredictable, like a bolt from the blue, in all these areas. Priorities, sources of income and place of work will change, you have to be prepared to leave the comfort zone, change your profession, leave the warm office and go for free bread, start your own business.

Uranus will hit the hardest people who are 43-45 years old. They will be at the crossroads of their lives and will have to decide whether to go: right or left. This is a time of crisis when you cannot cling to the old and prevent the new from entering your life.

Those people, who are 84 years old, who have gone through the full cycle of Uranus. They will have the feeling that something significant needs to be done while there is time before it is too late. They will be capable of what they have long dreamed of, but for some reason, they stopped themselves.

People who were born from the year 1975 to 1982, will have a turning point in their lives. The situation will turn out in such a way that they will not have to do anything to change their life – they will be picked up by a tsunami and thrown onto unknown shores.

People who were born from the year 1955 to 1962 and from 1995 to 2003, will have to make a lot of effort in order to resist the circumstances. It will be difficult, but it is a new experience that will make them stronger. They will have to go up the endless stairs, and if they decide to cling to the old and stand still, they will quickly roll down.

But for those who were born from the year 1962 to 1968, all these changes will be made easier. If they are active, they will be able to rise sharply, as if on a high-speed elevator, in one of the spheres of their life.

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For those born from the year 1988 to 1995 can destroy everything and start living from scratch. Well, this is the category where I fall in. And my life was destroyed, I lost nearly everything.


Forecast according to your Zodiac sign for the next 7 years. But if you are interested in more detailed information on what will happen in this seven-year period for you, you should check out your natal chart.


Uranus will finally leave your personality alone, but it will enter the second house and take on your finances. In all that concerns money and property, it will be a storm. Forget about quietly wiping your pants in the office and live from paycheck to paycheck. But do not take this storm as a punishment of the stars – Uranus will give you a chance to start working for yourself, free yourself from financial obligations and debts. You will get away from imaginary stability, go for free bread, you will earn in a way like never before.


Taurus will begin a new cycle – this is a unique chance to start life from scratch. Uranus enters your sign, which means it will turn your normal life upside down. You will want freedom and air, your soul will demand cardinal changes and new sensations. Many Taurus will begin to travel or discover new horizons. They will take a fresh look at their lives, change their opinions and attitudes towards everything that happens, may decide to part with a partner in love or business if it seems to them that this limits their freedom. They will drop all the unnecessary things that prevent them from moving towards the new.


Uranus passes into your twelfth house of the horoscope, which means that the time has come when you need to drop sandbags so that the balloon of your life soars skyward. And this is not only about something that can be touched – the freedom-loving planet will require you to get rid of offenses, feelings of guilt, complexes and other “highlights”. Some Gemini will follow the path of spiritual cleansing, will engage in meditation, yoga or spiritual practices. Many are waiting for travel, and someone decides to move abroad or to another city.

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For you, the time will come to reconsider your social circle. You will look for like-minded people and cut off those who are not interested in you and do not support you. Many will have earnings connected to the Internet: someone will get a profession for working on the Web; someone will become a blogger and start working for themselves. Uranus enters your eleventh horoscope house, the dream house, so this is a great moment to define your dream and start moving towards it in the next seven years while the planet is in transit in the sign Taurus.


Career and social status – in these areas Leo will have such unexpected changes. And these changes can be either with a plus or a minus sign. Uranus enters your tenth house of the horoscope, the house of career and status so that in these areas many Leos will have a revision of priorities, they will change their life goals and go in a completely different direction. This is the time when you need to do everything so that people see you as you want to appear – beautiful, successful and famous. Possible unplanned “status” change by marriage or the birth of a child.


Under the influence of Uranus in the Taurus, Virgo will travel a lot, because the planet goes into your ninth house of the horoscope. You will travel a lot – to work, relax or study. Many Virgos will dive with their heads into school, will increase their professional level or threaten a new profession. In any case, something will happen in life, which is why they will never be the same. Upon completion of this “seven-year-plan”, they will not be as they are now.



Uranus passes into your eighth house of the horoscope. This is a house of finances, but not that what you earned by your work. This is money that you may inherit from a business partner or your loved one. In this area, there will be no silence and stability – both with a minus sign and a plus. And the eighth house is about crisis situations. Just imagine the crisis and even under the influence of Uranus. Get ready for the fact that for the next seven years you will not be bored. Many of you will be at the crossroads of your lives and will decide where to go.


Uranus passes into your seventh house – the house of relationships, partnership, marriage. You are waiting for changes in this area, but what they will be – it largely depends on how quickly you adapt to new circumstances. After all, the same event can be perceived with a plus or minus sign, for example, the same divorce – for someone it is a tragedy, but for someone, it means the beginning of a new life. Many Scorpios will be under the crown, and those who are in dismal relations or in marriage will file for divorce.

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In the life of Sagittarius, Uranus will focus on two seemingly completely opposite spheres. The planet moves into your sixth house, which is generally responsible for work and health. This means that in the office, there is no need to be bored, ups and downs, respect for colleagues and superiors, and “disfavor” are possible. Under the influence of Uranus will be stormy, so go with the flow will not work. But work is work, but you should be watching for your health. Sport and proper nutrition have never been relevant as now.


Uranus will enter the fifth house, which, in particular, is responsible for the children. Wait for the completion of the family, most likely, unplanned and like a bolt from the blue. This house symbolizes love and relationships with the opposite sex, so get ready for flirting, romantic dating. On vacation, allow yourself a holiday romance – you deserve that your measured life is a bit “slow”. Many Capricorns will be engaged in creativity or find themselves a new hobby, and some also earn from it.


For you, changes in the sphere of family and home are coming. Uranus is in your fourth house of the horoscope, so get ready to suddenly change your place of residence or your marital status. If you live with your parents, you can move to a rented apartment or your own house. Or your job will require you to frequently change locations, travel within the country or abroad. Changes in family status are possible – marriage or childbirth.


One can only envy the Pisces – Uranus leaves the finance sector for the next 84 years. If you have been stormy for the last seven years, now there is peace and quiet in finance. But Uranus will go to your third home, which is responsible for contacts, communication, and thinking. You will communicate a lot, learn something new, discover new horizons. There will be a lot of travel, work, and leisure. Many Pisces will be discouraged in their studies, and some will even decide to radically change vocational guidance.

The Uranus is in Taurus already for a month. So, do you feel already the changes what Uranus is bringing to us? Share your thoughts and feelings in comments!

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