Under what laws does our universe operate

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The concept of karma in religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism suggests that our actions in the present affect our life in the future – that is, we can look back at our past decisions and draw conclusions about how they led us to our present situation. Of course, this theory can be taken with skepticism, and even generally deny it.

Nevertheless, we all the same sometimes see the relationship between doing good deeds and rewarding, doing bad deeds and punishing, although we may well think that this is just a matter of human intervention, and not some kind of universal action. Let’s all still look at the Universal rules of the “work” of the Universe.

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● Actions mean more than words. – You can have the best intentions, and you think that this makes you a worthy person. However, this is not always the case. It’s not enough just to nurture good thoughts in your head, they need to be applied in practice.

● Everything matters. – Usually, as an example, the butterfly effect is shown to demonstrate how seemingly irrelevant actions can have long-term consequences. You can see for yourself how important all your actions are. The tiniest manifestations of kindness can have a huge impact on the world around you.

● Recognition of our past. – To move forward and improve yourself and your life, you must be ready to analyze your past actions. Forgive yourself for your misdeeds and avoid repeating these mistakes. Growth begins when you understand and accept its necessity.

● Return on investment. – If you are wondering why the world does not give you any positive, first of all think about whether you give the world any positive. There is no point in waiting. Honestly, it’s just selfish – to wait for something to be presented to you just like that.

● Stay in the present. – The past is no longer in your power, and you can not control it. But the future you can still determine a little, but only if you focus on the present. When you are present in the current moment, you improve your future self.

● Readiness to change. – Stubbornness and inflexibility do nothing to improve your life. You must be prepared to admit that you made mistakes and show a desire to become better. Do not close your eyes to your own mistakes.

● Positivity. – Try to realize how much joy in present is in our world, and start making the right decisions. If you feel depressed, immediately remind yourself that positive thinking can greatly improve your life circumstances and perception of what is happening.

● Responsibility. – Unconditional responsibility for your actions is one of the greatest laws of the universe. With each decision you make, you will see their long-term consequences. Whatever happens in the future, you can correctly understand what caused the other events.

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● Allow the world to “work” according to its laws. – When we are easily disappointed, this may be due to the fact that we think that the world owes us something. Life is not by nature fair or unfair. Life is simply life. The quality of our life is determined not by external factors, but by how we perceive them. Let go of those things that have already served their own, or are beyond our control.

● Do not give up. – You must be ready to wait. You never know how close you are to winning. And when you are particularly difficult and want to give up, most likely, a turning point for the better is already very close.

These principles of the work of the Universe are not designed to make human life painful. On the contrary, they help people better control their lives and understand the consequences of all their actions. When you realize that your decisions determine the course of your life, you will want to constantly act as best, more honestly and fairly as possible.

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