This is the reason why we kiss with eyes closed

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Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Have you ever wondered why you kiss with your eyes closed? In the process itself, you can hardly think about it and close your eyes unconsciously. You feel butterflies in your stomach, look at the person, get closer, and then kiss and do not notice that you closed your eyes. In fact, there is an explanation.

According to psychologists, our brain simply cannot cope with several stimulants at once, so in order to focus on a kiss, our eyes close.

One University of London conducted a study on the interaction of visual and tactile senses. And indeed: it turned out that it is difficult for the brain to process visual information during a kiss. It literally can not cope simultaneously with the sensations of our eyes and feelings.

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Cognitive psychologists even point out that tactile sensations are directly dependent on the level of visual load. That is, with open eyes, we would not have experienced such pleasure from a kiss, as with closed eyes.

During the study, no one even had to kiss. Participants simply performed visual tasks while scientists watched their sense of touch. It turned out that when a person was focused on a visual task, he was not so sensitive to vibrations on his hands.

No wonder blind people are more sensitive.

For the same reason, people often close their eyes during sex: so as not to be distracted and focus on sensations.

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