The words men say and mean, but women interpret the wrong way

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Most of the problems in relationships arise because we simply misunderstand each other: men and women put different meanings in the same phrases. For the most part, men tell women exactly what they think, or try to get away from the answer with silence. Women hear what they want to hear, or what they are afraid to hear.

Let’s analyze some phrases that are often pronounced by men, and try to unravel their true desires.

He says: “Let’s not hurry” (“Let’s talk about it later”).

This means: I do not want to do this. It is difficult for a man to directly deny his beloved woman that she insistently demands, even if he considers it meaningless or impracticable. The woman, of course, hears the uncertainty in his voice but does not regard it as a disagreement. She thinks that you just need to push a little. It is from here that the legs grow in men’s tales about the “brainwashing” and women’s offenses on unfulfilled promises. Directly ask your partner what he doesn’t like about your idea. Discuss it and make a joint decision. You might even agree with the man. But then you will not, have a reason for mutual claims.

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He says: “I’m tired.”

That means: leave me alone for a while. Saying so, the man is really exhausted to the limit or just wants to be alone. He doesn’t really need much: silence on your part, an action movie or football on the TV side, a glass of beer or croutons on the kitchen side. But no. In this phrase, the woman hears: “I am tired of you, I am tired of our life, I don’t love you…” And depending on her temperament, the partner can wait for a grand scandal, volleys of stinging reproaches, quiet crying. Admit it is not so difficult to give a man a break from your chirping for a couple of hours. Especially since within an hour, he will come to you himself.


He says: “Let’s try something new in bed.”

It means: we are fine. But friends say this… A woman hears: “I don’t satisfy him in bed, I’m ugly (fat), it’s over, he no longer loves me, he must have someone.” Think: a man who has someone on the side is unlikely to make an effort to improve his sex life with a woman he does not need.


He says: “I am not ready for marriage.”

This means: now he is really not ready. And he is honest with you. What will happen next month and next year is unknown. Hearing these words, the woman thinks: “He doesn’t love me!”, Or “Everybody says that I’ll get pregnant and we will get married!” Or “He will never marry. Why waste time on him? ”. Do not torment yourself with guesses and dramatize the situation – let the man develop his thought. He has nothing to fear because the most important thing he has already said. Just do not make scenes. And then, perhaps, you will hear the information from which you can really draw conclusions.

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In addition, representatives of different signs of the Zodiac are trying to convey important information to their partner in different ways.

Aries man will not complicate your life and will tell everything directly. But note that to achieve the goal he is ready to lie.

But the beloved woman of Taurus can be sure that the partner will be open and honest with her.

Romantic, but at the same time selfish Gemini will demand from the woman constant attention to his words, but they are far from always ready to listen to her themselves.

The Cancer man will engage in a constructive dialogue only with an equally strong partner to his character.

Outwardly good-natured and self-confident, Leo is waiting for his beloved applause. From the one that does not stint on them, it really opens up and is ready for much.


Virgo man will tell the woman everything that he thinks clearly and simply. Even in love, he seeks to be guided by logic.

The duality of the character of a Libra man will always be a little embarrassing to his woman. But there is only one way out – to adapt.

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Temperamental Scorpio – by nature a leader and a player – will do everything to achieve his goal: you can expect from him manipulations, deception, pressure.

Susceptible and tolerant Sagittarius will be an attentive partner, but you will need a lot of time and effort to lead him to marriage.

Realist and practitioner, the male Capricorn is very closed up. You will have to guess what he feels.

The Aquarian man is also concealed; your excessive emotionality will be incomprehensible and unpleasant to him.

Very sensitive is the Pisces man. But he is not always capable of honest dialogue with his partner.

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