The story of Hindu horoscope

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The Hindu horoscope, according to astrologers and scientists, originated thousands of years ago in ancient India. This horoscope is based on Vedic astrology.

If you believe the ancient chronicles, then this horoscope was opened only for the elect, the wise men – the yogis, who achieved connection with the higher forces through a meditative state. In the Hindu horoscope, special attention is paid to two main planets – the Sun and the Moon. The system of this horoscope is built on 27 signs, which corresponds to a certain animal.

The ancient sages of India believed that each animal was endowed with magical properties, as well as individual character. Thus, the animals depicted on the Zodiacal table of the Hindu horoscope are compared with people born in a particular period. Each person has his patron in the face of the animal, which is its totem or symbol. This totem is designed to protect its carrier from evil spells and misfortunes.

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Unlike the Chinese horoscope, the countdown in this Zodiacal table is from the second half of April. In addition, the Hindu horoscope differs from the Chinese one in its advanced capabilities in the knowledge of human nature and destiny. Particular emphasis in astrology for Hindu is on family relationships. The Zodiacal table of the ancient sages can not only tell about upcoming events in human life but also determine the sex of the unborn child.

So, according to the belief of the Hindu, all the planets are divided into male and female. The female planets are Venus and the Moon, and the male planets are Jupiter and Mars. There are also asexual planets – Saturn and Mercury, it is also possible to determine the sex of the unborn child from them, based on the degree of influence on them of female and male planets. Hindu horoscope can also answer the question about the upcoming marriage. Astrological tables can tell the exact date of marriage. In addition, Hindu astrology can provide information about the correct choice of life partner or friend.

Also, this horoscope involves the discovery of information about the whereabouts of the future spouse. Thus, the calculation of marriage horoscopes was important in the astrology of Hindu sages. Indeed, in their opinion, it was only on the basis of astrological knowledge that it was possible to build a strong family, to find a chosen one or chosen one in terms of one’s temperament and character.

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