The origin of flower horoscope

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There is a version that the Flower Horoscope was compiled by Celtic Druids. They were endowed with specific knowledge about the world. This allowed them to compare the period of the birth of a person with a particular plant.

There is also an opinion that the horoscope of Flowers was made much earlier than the Zodiac calendar. Druids had special knowledge in the field of flora and fauna, therefore, it was much easier for them to calculate the horoscope based on flowers than the astrological calendar. However, many researchers in the field of esoteric sciences argue that the Flower horoscope was based on the knowledge derived from astrology, that is, the Zodiac signs somehow still intersect with the horoscope of Flowers.

According to the Flower Horoscope, today there are 36 types of personalities, each of which is born in a certain period of time and is endowed with individual characteristic qualities. Each plant, according to the Druids, has magical properties and affects the person and his fate. If you divide the Zodiac circle into 36 parts, you get certain zones that are controlled not only by a particular flower but also by two planets. Thus, it is impossible to determine the fate and character of a person only on the basis of the Flower horoscope.

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It is necessary to synthesize the druid flower horoscope with the Zodiac calendar. Then a complete picture of human capabilities, its nature and properties will be revealed. From this, we can conclude that the Horoscope of Flowers cannot be used separately from other types of horoscopes since in this case, it will only give superficial knowledge. And if you know not only the flower that has given at birth but also your two patron planets, then it will be able to give accurate information about the character of a person, his essence and potential possibilities.

So, every person at birth is endowed with individual traits that a flower gives to him. In fact, a person’s belonging to a particular plant can be regarded by us as acquiring a guardian angel. Many adherents of the Flower Horoscope argue that if you have a flower at home, which is given to him on the basis of the date of birth, he will be a personal talisman protecting the person from unhappiness. After all, the Druids said that every plant has magical powers, it absorbs negative energy and gives its owner vitality and activity. Celtic Druids believed in the magical properties of flowers, believed that if you pick your flower, dry it and carry it with you, it will become the personal guardian of a person from the evil spell and black magic.

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