The mystery of Zoroastrian horoscope

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Zoroastrianism is one of the most ancient religions of the peoples of Iran, which still exists today. The Iranian tribes left behind an amazing culture, mythology and unusually interesting ideas about the world. All this was the basis for the Zoroastrian horoscope.

Its peculiarity is that the Zodiacal cycle is divided into 32 years, each of which is assigned a certain animal or bird. The ancient Assyrians believed that in every living being there is a soul, and every animal is endowed with certain properties and qualities that can be compared with the character of a person. That is why the Zoroastrian horoscope is a table consisting of animals and birds, which are selected in accordance with a particular year.

A person born at a specific time is endowed with the properties and character of his beast. This beast is in the life of its carrier a kind of totem. He endows him with his positive qualities and warns against disaster. However, in the Zoroastrian horoscope, there is such a thing as an anti-totem. He, too, can influence the character and fate of a person, but from the negative side.

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Thus, according to the Zoroastrian horoscope, a person is influenced by two forces – the power of good and the power of evil. The carrier of the totem must choose by itself which path to follow. In any case, choosing one of the parties, he will be accompanied by a totem of good or a totem of evil. As a rule, the anti-totem comes into action only when a person succumbs to weakness, laziness, vanity, and other vices. Anti-totems are a kind of derogatory and dark copy of a totem.

For example, the Zoroastrian horoscope can reveal to the person all the secrets of his personality and capabilities. It will help you learn how to quickly and correctly reveal your potential, which path to choose in life, what business is worth doing. The horoscope of Iranian peoples will answer questions related to finances, with family, with relationships with other people. It allows you to reveal the full picture of your abilities and character traits. This helps a person to choose the right way in life, to choose the right course of conduct and not to err in choosing a chosen one. Based on the data of the Zoroastrian calendar, you can find out your future and avoid possible dangers.

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