The energy of photography: mysticism or reality?

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The energy of photography has a moment from the past. This is a source of information that stores the memory of a person ’s past life. We perceive photography as a simple image of one moment in our lives and rarely think about the harm that photography can cause.

Today, almost everyone is the owner of a camera on which he takes important moments of his life. Photos are placed in albums, shared with friends or laid out on social networks. Have you ever thought about how photography can affect a person’s life and destiny?

Photography is not only a picture but a repository of the energy of what is depicted on it. It is like a portal that opens the way to the past. If the person in the photo is already dead, then the energy portal opens into the other world. Many psychics and parapsychologists are sure that when people turn to the photography of a deceased person as if it were a living person, then the soul of the dead person will be lurking in this very photography.

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Have you noticed that some photos make you uncomfortable? Did your mood worsen by looking at a completely ordinary and harmless photo? If this happened, then there were pictures with dark energy that could come from anywhere: from the place where the photo was taken, from the photographer and from the hero of the photo. If photos with poor energy are present in your home, you need to get rid of them. Also, one should not keep photos of cemeteries, ruins, burials and all that reflects destruction and aggression.

Many people prefer to put pictures in frames and hang them in a prominent place. The choice of a photo that will be in sight should be taken very seriously. Some people do not recommend to hang pictures of people who treat you badly or those with whom you are not comfortable being near. Such images can greatly affect the human energy field.

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Surely, many people keep pictures of their deceased relatives. This is understandable because people want to preserve the memory of people close to them. However, storing such photos can have dire consequences. There are several opinions on this subject. Some argue that pictures of those with whom you were well during your life can be stored because after death they can not do any harm. Others say that photos of already dead people storing in your home will bring a bad vibe because their energy was spoiled by death. Still, others believe that such photos can be stored if their energy is purified. With the help of a church candle, you can break the connection of a photo with the other world.

Is there really magic to photography? No one can give an affirmative answer to this question. However, in the lives of many people around the world, strange situations related to photographs occurred, which proves the existence of detrimental and beneficial energy of images.

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