The dream book of Nostradamus

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The great French astrologer, alchemist, and soothsayer Nostradamus earned worldwide recognition for his knowledge of the occult sciences. From a young age, Nostradamus was fond of esotericism and medicine.

He acquired knowledge of medicinal herbs, was interested in astrology and exact sciences. In addition, since childhood, he began to predict the future. As an adult, he became known as one of the best doctors in all of France. However, his activity was not limited to healing. During the day he treated the sick, and in the evenings and nights, he improved his knowledge and abilities in the field of astrology, alchemy, and divination.

In the study of human dreams, Nostradamus engaged for a reason. Everything he predicted about events in the country and the world, he received through dreams. In his dreams, he received information that he skillfully used in the right direction. Nostradamus believed that dreams come to the human brain through a special channel from space. All people tend to have prophetic dreams, but not many of them are able to remember and correctly interpret.

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In his dream book, the soothsayer not only interprets dreams but also gives recommendations for their correct application. Nostradamus believed that a person can have a prophetic dream, which not only affects his own fate but also the lives of other people and even the whole world. Such a large-scale approach to the interpretation of dreams makes the Nostradamus dream book unique and extraordinary. In addition, the interpretation of the Nostradamus dreams is based not only on his worldview but also on astrology. As you know, he was an excellent astrologer, his knowledge of the heavenly bodies became the basis of many subsequent works on astrology.

In his work, Nostradamus not only interprets dreams but explains the cause of sleep and its purpose. He describes each phenomenon or event in such a way that it becomes clear which areas of life this dream can affect. In addition, the French divinator places particular emphasis on emotions and feelings that arise in a person in a dream. According to him, everything that a person experiences in his night visions can be directly connected not only with his life but also with the fate of the people around him. It turns out that the dream of one person, with the right interpretation of it, can affect the life of another person. In his dream book, Nostradamus also tries to determine which part of the dream concerns the life of the person himself, and which affects the social or political spheres of a group of people or an entire country.

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