The “Bloody” Moon and the great opposition of Mars in July 2018

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The “bloody” Moon and the great confrontation of Mars will take place at the same time. These are two rare events, so this day can be considered unique and quite dangerous.

Connection of two red cosmic bodies will occur on July 27th. If astronomers call this day successful for observations, then astrologers warn us of a multitude of hidden dangers.

Astronomical features July 27th

When the Moon is at least slightly in the shadow of our planet, it changes its color, because the Earth’s atmosphere acts as a prism for the Sun’s rays. The blood-red moon is in the periods of its total eclipse. By the way, the forthcoming eclipse on July 27th will be the longest in the 21st century – it will last more than an hour, and this is only the full phase. In general, the eclipse will occur about 4 hours.

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On July 27th there will be another red object in the night sky – this is the closest planet to us – Mars. This great rapprochement, also called confrontation, occurs once every 15 years. The planet will be so clearly visible that it will be possible to distinguish its redness. Mars will look like a star glowing red. In fact, a month before the confrontation and within a month after the confrontation the situation will be similar. To see Mars in the sky, in summer in 2018, you can even without special equipment.


Astrological features of the “bloody” Moon

In the world of esotericism, the red Moon is treated with great care. Throughout the history of mankind sorcerers and psychics have noted an increased level of negativity in the world due to Lunar eclipses. This time the eclipse will be incredibly long, and therefore its danger will be at the highest level. Psychics argue that in such periods, the flowering of dark energy, negative energy happens. Most of the negative rituals have always been conducted at such a time, because human energy is most vulnerable to attacks from outside.

Astrologers agree with the opinion of psychics that people are deprived of protection during the blood-red Moon. The fact is that an eclipse means the maximum “deactivation” of the Moon. It is in the shadow of the Earth, so it’s strength is at zero. Since it is the Moon that gives most of the energy protection to man, it simply will not. Many people will be exposed to emotions and negative emotions. This is especially true for Pisces, Cancers and Taurus, because the Moon is their direct assistant and mentor. For other people this is also true, but to a much lesser extent.

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Those to whom the Moon, on the contrary, prevents, will also be in danger. When it is strong, Scorpio, Capricorn and Leo are sensitive enough, vulnerable and depressed. During the eclipse, everything turns upside down, so representatives of these Zodiac Signs can become very cruel and unfeeling. The Weak Moon will deprive them of diplomacy and tranquility. It can be dangerous in love and in relationships of any level and type.

For all other Zodiac Signs, the Red Moon during the longest eclipse of the next hundred years will be dangerous, but to a slightly lesser extent. The eclipse will take place in the sign of Capricorn, therefore the negative will affect most of all finance sphere. The problems will be very serious, because of the eclipse, there will be human greed, pettiness and selfishness. Teamwork on this day will be less productive than usual. Do not expect that someone will help you disinterestedly, but if this happens, you can be almost one hundred percent sure that the collective appreciates you.


Astrologers on the confrontation of Mars in 2018

July 27th is the culmination of the approach of Mars to the Earth. Obviously, approximation means strengthening. Since this process took far more than one day, Mars accumulated the strength to throw out his energy on people. Humanity will survive the strongest “stress” on July 27th, because the energy of active Mars is perfectly combined with the Lunar eclipse. The Moon will make people irritable, and Mars will add oil to the fire, making us rude and stubborn.

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The easiest way to cope with this onslaught will be for those Signs to which Mars is the mentor and patron: Capricorn, Scorpio, Aries. These people are more likely to be able to maintain circumspection in dealing with others, so for the rest the advise is to keep as close as possible to the representatives of these three Signs.

The hardest part is for those who are affected by Mars badly: Libra, Cancer and Taurus. These people can feel an incredible inner dissonance. They will need help, which many will reject. Do not try to help them unless they ask you to do so. Be wary of quarrels and conflicts in which these Signs will participate. A major scandal may break out, which everyone will regret.

On this day, there may be problems with well-being. On this day, two red cosmic bodies will look very harmonious in the night sky, but they will be very dangerous, so that a heightened sense of self-preservation will help you stay afloat in love and deeds.


Love and relationships July 27th

In love, the dangers of the coming eclipse and the confrontation between Mars and the Earth will be very palpable. The same applies to relations of any other nature. Friendship and love will be tested for strength, the day can pass in quarrels and conflicts. To avoid this, you will have to learn flexibility, but at the same time, smoothing corners, you can not yield to issues of principle. Most of the turmoil in the relationship can be due to the banal reluctance to understand each other: militant Mars contributes to unyielding, even where there is no compromise.

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The moon will lose its power, so it will be much harder to control emotions. People around will begin to seem more capricious, very hot-tempered. For many, the weakness of the Moon will make it impossible to compromise. If you have long been in a relationship or in a marriage, this day will show the minuses and weaknesses of your characters or even make you jealous of each other.

Passion can be replaced by rudeness; respect can turn into selfishness and stubbornness. Friendship, too, can be compromised, so do not interact very closely with those who are dear to you, and not to give each other empty promises.

Finance, work and business July 27th

Irritability and sullenness of people will also affect work. If you have to work with people at will, then this day will require endurance. If you are earning in seclusion, then you can hope that the problems will bypass you. This time can be called dark for representatives of professions connected with numbers, with communication, with precision, with physical labor. If you are a representative of the creative profession, there are fewer risks: on the contrary, on that day the mind can purify itself by introducing new ideas.

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The opposition of Mars is able to change the financial life of mankind as a whole. On such days, there may be currency crashes, disruptions of business relations between countries. There is a great chance of serious conflicts and discord.

As for the financial issues themselves, on July 27th they are better not to be solved. The mixture of the negative of the Moon and Mars is ideal for financial deception. In these days, gambling brings the greatest profit to the organizers, that is, the casino. It is better not to make purchases on July 27th, because there is a great chance to be disappointed in the purchased things, objects and services.

Mood and health July 27th

The mood of people on July 27th will be unstable. Because of this, limp health may occur, headaches may appear, malaise. The effect is very similar to a magnetic storm. Internal tension will be partly conditioned by experiences. But this does not mean that you need to stockpile tablets from all diseases at once: in case of overwork, a simple walk, a cool shower or a trip to the pool can help you.

This day will be risky in the energy plan, because destructive energy will have an extremely strong impact on those people who are accustomed to build illusions and set themselves difficult goals. Lower the bar at least for today. Do not give yourself reasons to get upset.

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Of course, not all will be subject to the negative influence of the longest eclipse and confrontation of Mars. Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius will be able to avoid acute problems in all spheres of life, because Mars and Luna do not take much part in building the fate of these Signs. The rest should beware of troubles that occur quickly and spontaneously. If something starts to go not according to the rules, do not lose self-control. Help each other, respect other people’s principles and rules.

The strongest of the people will be in a winning position, since today many can leave the race in the struggle for a place under the Sun. If you try, then the effort will be rewarded, because many competitors can leave the race, because this is a very extraordinary and dangerous day, in which all at once two enemies appear: Mars and the Moon.

the-red-planet-2964352_1280This is not uncommon, if we talk about the planet’s convergence with the Earth as a whole, but what happens on July 27th occurs every 15 years. The great opposition is called when Mars approaches us as much as possible – so much that the point in the sky will be a bit reddish. Of course, this is not a matter of one day, but the peak of this phenomenon will occur on the 27th.

In astrology, such an event is considered very important, because all of us will be waiting for a lot of warnings. Of course, the proximity to Earth will strengthen the impact of Mars on us with you. People can become not just negative attitudes towards each other, but very nervous, aggressive. It will be a dangerous day for lovers, for relatives, for friends. You can quarrel at any time and for any reason.

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For Aerial Signs of the Zodiac (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), this unusual day can be the most dangerous. Signs of Fire – Aries, Sagittarius and Leo – can experience all the negative aspects of impulsive behavior. The simplest thing will be the remaining signs – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. Mars will not be able to turn the lives of representatives of these Signs, but can shake their peace of mind. Virgo and Capricorn can cover a wave of causeless experiences. For Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio, an “unplanned” depression may begin, and it will be harder for Pisces to find a way out of even the simplest situations.

Lunar eclipse on July 27th

The lunar eclipse will be complete. The Moon, like Mars, will turn red. It will be a very beautiful sight, which astronomers have long dreamed of – just two red objects in the night sky. The longest eclipse of the 21st century will begin. It will last a little longer than an hour. It remains to hope that the sky on July 27th day will be clear.

Astrologers note that the impending eclipse will, as luck would have it, go well with the confrontation between Mars and the Earth. On this day, the working capacity of most people will fall. To get rid of laziness and apathy or even completely prevent their appearance, try not to waste your energy in vain. The increased duration of the eclipse indicates that the problems associated with it will turn out to be very acute. Many people will want to be alone, lose enthusiasm, desire to work and move forward. Such an effect will be felt not only on July 27, but also on July 28th. Be extremely keen on these days. Do not give empty promises to anyone – do your duties.

The combination of such powerful phenomena, and even in one day, is something unique. Do not miss the very moment of eclipse – stay close to close people.

Try to save vital energy and strength on this day. To resist possible turmoil, it will take a lot of energy. Mars shakes your nervous system, and the Moon provokes apathy and depression. If you do not exercise due caution, this day will bring you negative. To prevent this from happening, try to be realistic on July 27th.

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