That’s why you can’t stay friends with your ex

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It is difficult to leave, especially when you are also best friends. Sometimes people remain friends, but this rarely happens – at least not immediately.

And here are some reasons why it is hard to do:

1. You can flirt with each other.

And friends do not flirt, especially those who have just ended a romantic relationship with each other. You need a period to cool your feelings, to create boundaries and to remember that now you are only friends. It’s complicated.

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2. You remember the past.

Yes, you had good times, and you can remember them. But it is dangerous. While cherishing pleasant memories, you can forget why you broke up.

3. You can be jealous of each other.

Even if you consciously decide to part, it can be difficult for you to see each other with other people. If you feel jealous, then you definitely should at least temporarily not communicate at all.

4. You think it’s not over yet.

Maybe only one of you was the initiator of parting. Then the other can still hope for a reunion. In this case, it is inappropriate to remain friends.

5. His family can hate you.

They may think that you broke his heart, they will no longer perceive you as his friend.

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6. Your friends may hate him.

They, too, may think that he blinked your head. It will be unpleasant for everyone.

7. He hasn’t changed a bit.

Does he still want to correspond all day long and spend the night with you, as if nothing has changed? Then what’s the point of parting?

8. The reason for your separation makes friendship impossible.

Sometimes the reason for parting applies only to your romantic relationship. But if he generally showed himself to be a bad person, how can you remain friends with him?

9. You can not trust him.

It is possible that “being friends” sounds more formal because, in fact, you can hardly communicate with him as a friend, trust him and discuss personal moments.

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