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Is your Zodiac sign Taurus? Or maybe your loved one is, or someone in your family or friends? This is a great possibility to know your self or them better.

People born under the sign of the Taurus, possess a phlegmatic character warehouse. They are practical and sensible. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac rarely show their feelings, and if it does happen, they spill out all the accumulated emotions. Taurus is not characterized by haste and activity. On the contrary, they rarely try to change something in their lives. A calm, measured life suits them. They do not like obstacles on their way and always try to get around them. Calculation and caution help in this.

When in the life of the Taurus something unthinkable and sudden happens, they are lost. Taurus do not like surprises, it takes them out of themselves. Changes in life are unbearable for Taurus. They love their habitual way of life, their specific circle of people and their permanent home. They also do not like disobedience. They always want to have around their people who would unconditionally obey and listen to their opinion.

Taurus has a number of positive qualities. They are benevolent, patient and generous. Despite the desire for stability and a daily planned schedule, Taurus can rest and enjoy life.

Taurus do not like to watch their health, and if they fall ill, they hardly follow the doctor’s instructions. Taurus has been sick for a long time. Their fault is their inattention to their body. One of the most common diseases among representatives of this sign of the zodiac is the diseases of the throat, respiratory tract and ears. Taurus are inactive, so they may have problems with blood circulation. To exclude this ailment, it is necessary to be more often in the fresh air. Also for Taurus are characterized by such diseases as hepatitis, allergy and diabetes.

In addition, Taurus is prone to fatness, so they just need to follow the diet and eat right. To always be in excellent physical shape, Taurus should exclude from its food flour food and sweets. Categorically it is impossible to abuse cakes and white bread. Instead of fatty and fried foods, it is best to eat poultry, rabbit and fish. A special emphasis in the diet should be made on plant foods. It is recommended for Taurus consumption of dairy products, vegetables and fish. Taurus citrus fruits: oranges, tangerines and lemons. In beverages, it is better to avoid frequent drinking alcohol, strong coffee and tea. For them beneficial effects of decoctions of chamomile, cowberry and mors. Taurus needs regular consumption of vitamins A and E, which are contained in the liver, and plant products rich in carotene.

Taurus possess almost all the qualities that are necessary for a successful start and good career growth. They used to do everything themselves. All their victories in the career – merit of their character. In the workplace, Taurus is always an order. They are punctual and require it from other people. Carrying out the work, the Taurus come to it with full dedication, attention and accuracy. They always know what they will do tomorrow and in a week, since they tend to plan everything down to the smallest detail.

The personal qualities and character of Taurus contribute to their development in completely different fields of activity. Taking Taurus for work, the employer can be sure that he will justify all his expectations and problems with the performance of his duties will not arise.

Their calm and neatness fits perfectly into the areas of activity of a monotonous nature. Since Taurus often do not like spontaneous situations, which require taking an instant decision, then such professions as secretary, accountant, psychologist will suit them. Virtually all male Taurus are truly skillful. In this case, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac achieve success in the professions of an engineer, an electrician, a plumber and a doctor.

Possessing the charm and ability to conduct a conversation, Taurus find their vocation in the professions of a TV presenter or a teacher. In addition, they are prone to art. Among the musicians and artists are many Taurus. All of them have achieved great success due to enviable performance and perseverance. Professions that Taurus should avoid are those that require constant change of actions and quick decision making. Do not fit the Taurus in those areas of work, in which they will have to often travel and change jobs.

To money, Taurus is regarded as a means to realize its capabilities. To the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac, money is attracted as to a magnet. And this is not surprising, because Taurus, like no other, they know the price. They always feel how and where to make better money. This intuition for money opens up to Taurus excellent financial opportunities. Taurus can handle money. All their material wealth they turn into things. In addition, they like to make expensive gifts.

In Taurus there is not a single drop of greed and stinginess, they are willing to spend as much as they allow themselves. All purchases and acquisitions of Taurus are profitable and well thought out. Having received a large amount of money, Taurus never succumb to emotions and perceive a large number of bills as given. Taurus does not tend to squander all of its condition, to money they come from a practical point of view. Most often, they invest their savings in a bank or in a business, in order to receive an even greater amount of money in the future.

The stones, which brings luck for Taurus, are agate, emerald, chalcedony, chrysoprase. Agate has the properties that Taurus needs. It affects the development of intuition. In addition, agate promotes the development of oratory in a person. This stone can help Taurus during public appearances, in business negotiations and in disputes. Black agate affects the material condition of the Taurus and promotes enrichment. Agate of blue color gives its owner vitality and activity.

Emerald strengthens in Taurus such qualities as wisdom, practicality and inner calmness. This stone can brighten up the routine life, give vigor and energy. Also emerald is recommended to be carried to those who are constantly in a state of stress. On Taurus stress has a disastrous effect on health, so constant contact with this stone will help them to cope with themselves and to find harmony with the world around them.

Chalcedony is needed for those Taurus whose sphere of activity is directly related to constant stress and overstrain. Taurus, as a rule, is very prone to energy influence from other people. Chalcedony is able to protect Taurus from unnecessary anxieties and worries.

Chrysoprase is necessary for those representatives of this sign who lack self-confidence and determination. This stone helps raise self-esteem, efficiency and activity. In addition, he drowns out those qualities that prevent them from achieving their goals in Taurus. Chrysoprase is useful for carrying Taurus engaged in inventive or creative activity.

In addition to stones, the life of people from the constellation of Taurus, also protects the talisman. For Taurus is a figure of the elephant Ganesha. This amulet brings luck and money to Taurus. Also, the elephant gives its owner the right line of conduct in society. He seems to lead him along, pointing the right direction. Thus, the elephant Ganesha helps Taurus to find a place in society, take a good position and achieve success in the career. In addition, this talisman extinguishes those undesirable properties of character that prevent Taurus from achieving it: laziness, apathy, stubbornness, conservatism.

Colors can also affect the lives of people in the constellation of Taurus. Incorrectly chosen outfit or inappropriate design of the room can affect the fate of Taurus. Their main color is green. He represents peace, goodwill, harmony. The use of green and green shades in the life of Taurus can significantly change its internal state. Green color will always soothe, give positive emotions and contribute to the preservation of vital energy and activity.

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