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Astrological nutrition and diet

As you know, planets are able to influence the human body. To maintain body tone and immunity, it is necessary to choose the right diet, which corresponds to the zodiac sign. However, taking into account the recommendations on the right diet for your constellation, you still need to take into account the day of the week. After all, each day of the week corresponds to a certain planet-ruler, under which it is necessary to adjust your day.

Money and career horoscope for October 14th to 20th, 2019

Do not be surprised if you suddenly want to buy another trinket for fabulous money, transfer work to another week or abandon a difficult but profitable business. A relaxed and apathetic state, a consequence of the activation of Venus and Neptune, will negatively affect the business sphere: incidents related to errors, delays, miscalculations are possible. It will be difficult to concentrate, clearly state our thoughts, make decisions. You can resist the energy of stars if you program your consciousness to succeed.