Stay alone if you are not ready to be loyal

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Don’t start a relationship, just to break her heart. Do not tell the girl that you love her, do not spend all your time with her and do not act as if she is the only one you want if you are interested in other women.

Do not play with her emotions. Do not cheat. Do not make her guess what she did wrong, why it was not enough for you. Do not leave her with low self-esteem, with problems with confidence.

Do not break the heart of a girl that you care about, because she will never be the same after your betrayal. Your mistake for one night will haunt her all her life. She will still suffer, even when she leaves you, even when she starts a new relationship with someone who would never hurt her so much.

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If you are not ready to remain faithful, stay away from any relationship. If you are not interested in anything serious, do not let her think that you are serious.

Do not make a false impression. Do not start a relationship with someone who is crazy about you, if you do not feel the same to her. You don’t do her a favor. You still break her heart.

It is better to finish everything at once than to fool her head. It is better to break her heart before she binds to you after many years, believing that you are good and faithful.

If you feel that you are not ready for a serious relationship if you feel that it is not yet time for you, be alone. Do not waste her time. Do not fool her head. don’t lie about how much you like her to get what you want from her.

You have the right to meet with different women, but not when you are already in a relationship. Only not when there is a girl who thinks that you are hers alone.

Stay alone if you still want to flirt. Stay alone if you are not sure whether you are ready for something serious. If you are not ready to remain faithful because good girls do not deserve to be cheated. They do not deserve such pain. They do not deserve to doubt themselves and think that they are not good enough, beautiful or clever.

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If a girl is important to you, do not put yourself in a position where you know that you will break her heart. Do not start a serious relationship if you know that you do not love her the way she does.

If you are not ready to be faithful, stay alone. It will be better for you too, and you will not hurt anyone.

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