Solar eclipse July 13, 2018

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Eclipses are very dangerous from an astrological point of view. The forthcoming eclipse will occur on Friday 13th, therefore its negative potential will increase many times. Many astrologers call this day the most dangerous for the whole summer.

The combination of Friday 13th and a solar eclipse is a poisonous mixture. The Sun will completely lose its strength and relevance on this day, because it will be in the shadow of the Moon. Try to keep positive energy in the house to somehow neutralize the strong outbursts of the negative on July 13th.

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Astrological features of the eclipse

July 13th, the Sun and the Moon will be in the same Zodiac Sign – in Cancer. This means that the Moon and the Sun are fully synchronized in the energy plan, causing a very large dissonance in people’s lives.

First of all, the problems will concern the family, friendship, business and financial sphere. A day can be incredibly dangerous for any endeavor, for shopping. Already from 16-18 pm on the July 12th and until 12-14 pm on July 14, there will be a malfunction at the energy level.

Finance, business and work on July 13th

A solar eclipse can be a very dangerous time for serious financial investments, for expensive purchases, for making important deals. Do not make promises on such days, because there is a great risk not to fulfill them. Moreover, on the 13th, randomness will rule the world. In business and at work, this is often simply unacceptable.

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Beware of the proud people and those who put money above everything else. This day will be the flowering of pettiness, cruelty, financial chaos and the desire for power. Anyone who is intoxicated with power can become an enemy to himself, and not only to those who surround him. Do not seek to break out into leaders, if you are not ready to account.

Another huge minus is the eclipse – problems with creative implementation. The “extinct” Sun can badly affect the ability of people to be original and think outside the box. Representatives of creative professions on July 13th may face serious difficulties in their work.

Love and relationships in a solar eclipse

Success can turn away from those who are in search of the second half. In order not to be disappointed once again, wait with new acquaintances.

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With regard to established relationships, a solar eclipse can be badly affected by those lovers who have a big age difference. Astrologers and experts note that eclipse will also unsuccessfully affect couples who practice relationships at a distance.

On the first dates that were previously assigned for this day, it is worth concentrating as little as possible on the shortcomings of the person you want to like. Any disagreement can develop into a major conflict.

Mood and emotions on Friday

On July 13th, your inner feelings may come to the surface, which you have safely forgotten. In addition, an eclipse can trigger an aggravation of your most terrible habits.

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Negative and positive emotions will quickly change each other. The mood of most people in the first half of the day can become overwhelmed. Because of cruelty, stubbornness and unjustified aggression on July 13th, people can call each other’s most negative emotions. By the end of the evening, there may be some apathy, sadness and even malaise. Try to rest on the evening of July 13th and abstract from everything that happened during the day.

Your dark side can make itself felt. To some people, this dangerous day can open the gates to the world of problems. Do not conceal anger today, even if someone deliberately offends you. Keeping calm, you are more likely to be able to make the right decisions.

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