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Scorpio have courage, incredible vitality, persistence and perseverance. They are not used to go with the flow.

Their main feature is the excitement in overcoming difficulties and obstacles. They are created to fight and give all their strength to achieve goals. The blows of fate Scorpios take with proudly raised head. They seldom fall into despair and drop their hands. They tend to go to the end. By their strength of will, determination and courage, the people of this constellation cause admiration among those around them. They do not really like to take risks, but if they get involved in an adventure, they calculate all the moves and actions so that this risky step is justified.

Scorpios are distinguished by honesty, fair deeds and openness. This they require from surrounding people. Few will be able to constantly be on good terms with the Scorpios because of their solid character and perseverance. Scorpios will always demand from people courage, determination and honesty. Scorpios, as a rule, have many enemies. Ill-wishers are often envious of the Scorpios, because they always achieve their goal.

Despite the iron character representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are faithful, caring and decent. Scorpios can always come to the rescue, help with advice and resolve the conflict. They are completely unaffected with influence and pressure from other people. Praise and flattery they ears miss, as they themselves know perfectly well what they are capable of. Moreover, Scorpios never yield to the majority opinion. They always have their point of view and are not afraid to express it. Scorpios are used to swim against the current, their difficulties are even more encouraging and stimulating.

The negative side of the character of Scorpios lies in their quick temper, aggression and vindictiveness. They do not like to compromise, advancing on their throats to their priorities and principles. They like to manage people and have power over them. Scorpios are often cruel to people. They sometimes do not act in the most noble ways, they are characterized by rudeness, fearlessness and ruthlessness.

Scorpios have quite strong health due to their stamina and vital energy. Vulnerable in their body are the heart, throat, back and genitals. If Scorpio gets sick, then the treatment goes pretty quickly due to its strong character. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are not recommended to overload the body with high physical loads, they should give more time to proper rest. Scorpios tend not to feel tired, but they just need to interrupt their activities for relaxation and relaxation.

In terms of food for the Scorpios, it is preferable to eat foods with a low amount of fat. For Scorpios, dairy products, fish, meat, vegetables are useful. Strong tea and alcohol are better for them to exclude from their lives. Representatives of this constellation need to monitor food, do not eat too much and avoid overeating.

In the work the Scorpio manifest themselves as active and energetic people. They are suitable for those areas of activity where they can make their own decisions, take initiative and improve themselves. They never stand still. For Scorpios, development at work and career growth are very important. In the team they show themselves friendly, can help colleagues and give them advice. But when it comes to career opportunities, Scorpios often forget about moral standards, they are trying to outstrip their colleagues and get the desired position in every way.

If the Scorpios occupy a leading position, then for the whole collective they become a “dark horse”. Usually, nothing is known about the Scorpion bosses at work. They are reserved, calm and polite, trying to keep distance with the team.

For the representatives of this constellation, work related to the analysis of information will do. They are also interested in areas of activity in which they can show their insight and tough nature. Among the Scorpios, there are many psychologists, criminologists and lawyers. In addition, the Scorpios excel in the field of educational work with children. Working in this field, they can fully satisfy their interest in becoming a person.

Interest in Scorpios is a comprehension of the secrets of the surrounding world. Therefore, they are also suitable for the profession of a forester or a farmer. Scorpios are sociable and like to be among people, so very often they choose a profession of a spoken genre, such as an interpreter, a guide, a dispatcher. Strong character of Scorpios gives them a chance to become successful businessmen.

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac have a large supply of vital energy, do not fear failure, rarely fall into despair and are endowed with a fairly flexible mindset and insight. Scorpios fall in love with the profession in the field of physics, chemistry and medicine. Of them, excellent doctors and scientists are obtained.

As for money, the Scorpios are very lucky. They feel them and draw them to themselves like a magnet. With their finances the people of this constellation are treating skillfully. High level of intelligence and insight make Scorpios successful financiers. They always know where to invest in order to make a profit. Passion for the accumulation of funds in the Scorpios quickly passes. After they provided themselves with everything necessary, their earnings become only a means of expanding their capabilities and power.

Scorpios are capable of taking risks, they can lend money, they act as patrons and sponsors. Money for Scorpios is not a cult. They like spending finance, but very rationally. Perhaps, this is one of the few signs of the Zodiac, who is loved by money, and not vice versa.

People who are born under the constellation of Scorpio, have stones that can enhance their personal qualities and attract good luck. Red coral gives Scorpio energy and activity. It helps to restore vitality and helps the owner to find harmony with himself and the world around him. This stone also relieves anxiety, stress and negative emotions. In addition, the coral is able to fence off the temptations, the thought of which is so characteristic of the Scorpios.

The pomegranate attracts fame, recognition. It protects from negative influence and provides its owner with protection from spoilage and evil eye.

Hematite will help Scorpio improve relations in the family and with surrounding people. In addition, it gives the energy necessary to achieve the goals. This stone helps its owner in disputes, discussions and struggles. Also, hematite enhances the insight, flexibility and intuition of Scorpios.

Ruby gives Scorpios confidence and determination. He restores physical strength and increases the stamina of the owner. If there is constant stress and depressive mood in the life of Scorpio, then the ruby ​​perfectly copes with these ailments. This stone strengthens activity and self-confidence.

The serpentine strengthens in Scorpios determination and composure. This stone is an excellent talisman for entrepreneurs. The serpentine gives the person pragmatism and insight. With this stone, Scorpios will be easier to plan their actions and analyze the situation.

Sapphire acts on Scorpios as a sedative. He is able to extinguish in him strong impulses of feelings and emotions that can harm Scorpios and ruin their relationship with people. Sapphire will help clarify the mind, determine the goals and discard all unnecessary thoughts and worries.

In addition to stones, Scorpio is protected also by talismans of a certain symbolism. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac suit a mascot in the form of a Snake. On the one hand, this talisman empowers its owner with wisdom, intuition and tranquility. These qualities are necessary for Scorpios in dealing with people and making important decisions. On the other hand, the snake shows in Scorpios cunning, determination, aggression and cold-bloodedness. The purpose of this talisman is to ensure a balance between the two sides of the Scorpios character.

To attract money and glory to Scorpios, a talisman in the form of the Egyptian beetle Skarab is suitable. It is a symbol of wealth and influence. This talisman will help Scorpios in managing their finances and guard against risky situations with money.

The color of Scorpio is dark red. It symbolizes energy, activity and passion. This color for Scorpio will give influence among people, help to find an approach to people, strengthen desires, give inspiration. Dark red gives perseverance and ability to lead people. This color will help the Scorpios to quickly take leadership positions and find the desired.

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