Scorpio: love, relationship, marriage

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People born under the constellation of Scorpio, have an unbridled essence. They attract the opposite sex with their magnetism and mystery. Scorpios – passionate and gambling nature. If they fall in love, then this feeling grows into an obsession.

In relations with the opposite sex, they are helped not only by gallant manners but also by a well-developed intuition. They always know how to please the partner, which words to choose and how to achieve their goal. As a rule, Scorpios quickly captivate the subject of his sympathy. They love to give gifts and shower a person with compliments. In a relationship with the opposite sex Scorpios always choose the position of a fighter. They love to fight and pursue their own. They will not be confused by the competitors for the heart of the second half. Scorpio is always confident in their abilities and goes to the bitter end.

In love, they are predators. Having scored a sacrifice, Scorpios become real tyrants. True, they act, as a rule, by manipulation and blackmail. They are very jealous, but at the same time do not allow their second half to restrict their freedom. Scorpios have a hard time controlling themselves. Their feelings are so strong that they can spill out and destroy relationships. In a fit of anger, they can commit irreparable and then repent for a long time.

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Representatives of this Zodiac sign always seek power, even in a relationship. They tend to control their other half and doubt about her sincere feelings. The passion of Scorpio should have a strong character since Scorpios do not tolerate insecure and weak people alongside themselves.

What do Scorpios expect from their second half? The answer is obvious: passion, unquestioning obedience and breathtaking sex. By the way, sex in the life of Scorpio plays a special role. Love and sex for the representatives of this constellation – things completely unrelated to each other. Thus, feeding sincere feelings for one person, Scorpios can easily enter into sexual relations with another. However, they will not feel any guilt.

In addition, in order to contain the ardor of the Scorpios, they need a person nearby who can cool their rising emotions. This should be a person who can compete with them, but at the same time be on their side.

Scorpios can be excellent parents. They are ready to devote all their free time to raising children and creating comfort in the house. The family plays an important role in their lives. Marriage bonds for Scorpios are not at all a burden, as the people of this constellation themselves choose the appropriate model of family relationships.

For a long and strong marriage, Scorpios need to constantly be on the edge of a knife. They are attracted to all the unknown, they will always be in search of new sensations. Therefore, the second half of Scorpio need to create all the conditions so that marriage does not become a routine.

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