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Representatives of the constellation Sagittarius have a friendly and gentle character. They are always in a good mood and charge with their positive energy all around. Sagittarius by nature – cheerful. They see only the good in everything and try to change the world for the better. People of this sign of the Zodiac are constantly in motion. They do not like to sit still and always clearly see their goal. There constantly in their head are born ideas, which they immediately with all the passion rush to embody.

The desire for new knowledge often becomes an excuse for abandoning one thing and switching to another. This is due to the fact that the interests of Sagittarians are very diverse and they want to embrace the immensity. At heart they are adventurers. They love experiments and can spontaneously make an important decision.

Sagittarians have an enviable life energy and activity. They boldly go to achieve their goal. When the goal is reached, they set themselves the next. This speaks of a thirst for activity and a struggle for one’s existence. The goals of Sagittarius are never low and banal. Sagittarians dream of high and strive for the ideal. In case of failures, Sagittarians do not drop their hands. They have a sufficient supply of energy and optimism to adequately get out of the situation and start everything from scratch.

Representatives of this sign do not tolerate obligations and conventions. They do not like to make promises, as it is not always possible to restrain them. Sagittarians love freedom, they will fiercely fight for their rights and the rights of their loved ones. In relations with people, they are always sincere and honest. Sagittarians try to tell the truth and demand it from others. They quickly trust people, open their secrets to them, often suffering from it. Sagittarians are distinguished by good nature, affability, generosity, mercy and a good sense of humor.

Due to an active lifestyle, Sagittarians rarely get sick. Their optimistic attitude and not dying energy makes them unaffordable for stresses and diseases of the nervous system. However, if Sagittarians become ill, they regard it as a catastrophe in their lives, because for the time of illness they can not do their own thing. The most vulnerable place in the body of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac – joints and tendons. Because of their constant haste, Sagittarians often suffer from fractures, dislocations and sprains. Often, Sagittarians become victims of colds. In order to strengthen immunity, they are recommended to drink for prevention of decoctions of sage and thyme.

In the diet Sagittarius should avoid fried and fatty foods. It is necessary to limit the use of spices and exotic dishes. Useful for the representatives of this constellation will be products containing a large amount of iron, vitamins B and C. Sagittarius should not eat for lunch, and it is better to eat more for breakfast. Also for Sagittarius will be useful walking in the fresh air after dinner. This procedure will not only contribute to the assimilation of food, but also help to maintain the figure.

Choosing a profession, Sagittarius, as a rule, are guided only by their preferences and desires. At work, they tend to show organizational skills and resourcefulness. Sagittarians can successfully work as a subordinate, and as a leader. However, the second option is more to their liking. They prefer to lead people, give orders and make decisions.

Sagittarians love independence at work and show initiative. Being in constant submission, they fade and lose their true face. In the work collective, Sagittarians show themselves only on the good side. They are always ready to take up a complex project, help a colleague and take the initiative. A lively character, responsibility and high working capacity make Sagittarius irreplaceable at work.

The desire for life, for truth and freedom influences their choice in favor of the profession of journalist, criminalist, lawyer and psychologist. In these areas of activity Sagittarians can fully demonstrate their desire for truth and influence the development of the situation. These are the professions in which Sagittarians can take everything in their own hands. The choice of professional activity often involves them at risk. Among Sagittarians there are many extreme sportsmen, riders and pilots.

Also Sagittarius are attracted by prestigious professions. It is very important for them to occupy a high position in society, to be useful and to be in the center of events. They are used to be proud of what they are doing. Work for them is another reason for pride and self-affirmation. Representatives of this constellation tend to demonstrate to everyone professionalism and their talents. Simple specialties that do not require certain skills and monotonous work are not of interest to Sagittarius. They must constantly move forward, master new knowledge and skills. They often change their place of work and even their field of activity. This is because the interests of Sagittarians change rapidly and they want diversity and development. They boldly look to the future and clearly represent their future lives.

In the work of Sagittarians it is important not only to show their abilities, but also to earn good money. In addition to wages, they seek to find another, or even several, sources of income. However, to one-time earnings they are little attracted. They are striving for stability and consistency in the financial sphere.

To money spending, Sagittarians come up with all their practicality. It is unusual for them to squander money to the right and left and let their capital go to the wind. Before they buy a serious thing or invest anywhere, Sagittarians will think well. They do not listen to advice regarding their finances. All decisions Sagittarians seek to take on their own. Persistence and faith in their own strengths help them multiply their incomes and make life brighter.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own stone-charms, attracting luck, money and strength. Sagittarius is patronized by such stones as obsidian, chrysolite, turquoise, topaz and tiger’s eye. Obsidian helps Sagittarians overcome all negative qualities and gives them activity and energy. This stone promotes the development of intuition and flexibility of thinking.

Chrysolite is a symbol of peace and peace of mind. This stone will protect the owner from dangers and ill-wishers. It will help to achieve harmony with yourself and the world around you. Chrysolite gives lightness, drives anxious thoughts and heals emotional experiences.

Turquoise is one of the strongest stone-talismans. This stone has a powerful protective field and can protect its owner from troubles and misfortunes. Turquoise will help restore past relationships and preserve the current. In addition, the stone is an excellent assistant for various ailments. He can suppress pain and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Topaz protects Sagittarius from spoiling, evil eye and negative energy. He bestows wealth, recognition and love. In addition, topaz is able to rid its owner of bad mood and stress. It also has a beneficial effect on physical health: regulates metabolism, gives vitality and encourages appetite.

The tiger’s eye is a charm for people who are strong in spirit. He can attract good luck and fulfill all dreams, if his owner will make efforts. This stone gives Sagittarius confidence, determination and vitality. He struggles with negative manifestations of Sagittarius’s character, such as laziness, impotence, discouragement and insecurity.

In addition to stones, each sign of the Zodiac also protects a talisman. Talisman of Sagittarius is a salamander. It is a talisman of extremely strong people. The salamander gives his possessor a supply of vital energy, restores strength and endows him with the right qualities. Sagittarians with such talisman will gain faith in themselves and will be able to turn mountains. Another talisman, suitable for this sign of the Zodiac, is a centaur. This talisman gives Sagittarians physical endurance, activity, leadership qualities, flexible intelligence and curiosity. This talisman unites in Sagittarius energy and the power of thinking.

For Sagittarius characteristic is blue color. This color is able to arouse interest in people and a craving for knowledge. Blue is a symbol of freedom, depth and infinity. He gives Sagittarians wisdom, harmony, peace of mind. The blue color helps to find contact with people, attracts attention and empowers a person with intuition. In addition, this color reduces fatigue, struggles with stress and gives its owner energy and optimism. Also blue helps to lose weight. In clothes of blue color, Sagittarius will be easier to bear all the hardships of the diet.

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