Sagittarius: love, relationships, marriage

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Sagittarius – tireless romance. They are ready to give their beloved a storm of emotions and feelings. For representatives of this constellation, it is important to be loved and to love, so they can easily rush into the loving pool with their heads. Sagittarius do not seek benefits in love, they seek to be honest with their partner, demanding the same from him. If Sagittarius receives the necessary emotions from his passion, then he does everything to be perfect for his partner.

The people of this Zodiac sign are not so easy to understand. Their mood is very changeable. They can easily change their decision or not keep a promise. Such manifestations of character in Sagittarius are explained by their childlike spontaneity and thirst for freedom.

Sagittarius is very in love. They are not averse to spin the holiday romance without further commitment. They are attracted to everything new: a different environment, strangers, a foreign culture. In the new conditions, Sagittarius feels like a fish in water, they get a feeling of complete freedom and serenity. They are collectors by nature. People born under this Zodiac sign will never miss the opportunity to spin a fleeting romance and replenish their collection with just some memories of the beautiful days of passion.

Representatives of this Zodiac sign are very romantic. They love to arrange unexpected surprises and give gifts. In their desire to make a human a pleasant one, Sagittarius, in the first place, take care of themselves. They like to catch the admiring glance of a partner and hear the words of gratitude.

Tie the knot of Sagittarius in no hurry. Representatives of this constellation are afraid of losing their independence and personal space. But they still think about the family. Creating a family for them is a serious step. They dream of a perfect marriage, in which everyone would be equal. At heart, Sagittarius is aware that the family can greatly change their lifestyle, and they are not always ready for it.

Sooner or later, Sagittarius still start a family. They are not eager to become leaders and want all family issues to be resolved mutually. Sagittarius has completely different views on family life. They should not change their second half. Sagittarius requires diversity, and if it is not in the family, then they seek it on the side. Adultery for them is nothing more than a way to diversify life. Sagittarius can have strong feelings for their second half and go parallel to the left. Strange as it may seem, but also to their partner Sagittarius can also allow going to the side. They are not jealous and can easily give freedom to their second half.

If the Sagittarius realize that marriage requires certain obligations and rules of conduct, then married life with them can become strong and vibrant. A lover of new sensations will receive emotions not on the side, but with their loved ones.

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