Retrograde Saturn from April 29th to September 18th, 2019

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It is interesting, I have never felt the presence of the reverse movement of Saturn. Probably, because Saturn is a neutral planet for me. In the last two years, Saturn itself has affected my financial plan by being in the second house of my chart, and not in the best way. April 29th will begin the period of the reverse movement of Saturn. It will last until September 18th.

So, what to expect of Saturn’s retrograde motion

Saturn is the planet that controls order and chaos. It is very important for each individual and for humanity as a whole. When Saturn begins to move in the opposite direction, important but not always positive events take place in the world. More precisely, these events are positive for some groups of people but negative for others.

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So, if it is your patron planet, this means bad times for you. In whatever house it is in your astrological chart, you can await chaos in that area of life. If it is your antagonist, be afraid nothing, since now you will be able to move on in that area of life in which house it is for you. There will be the best order for you. But, for whom it is neutral, just stay careful and don’t risk too much.

Saturn acts very carefully and imperceptibly for us. This planet creates negative virus programs in the minds of people.

To overcome problems at this hard time:

  • it is necessary to break away from the collective consciousness, to be more independent and self-sufficient;
  • it is necessary as carefully as possible to relate to stereotypes;
  • do not try to please everyone immediately, because it can lead to the opposite result;
  • do not violate the rules of morality;
  • you should clearly understand the consequences of your actions;
  • do not to forget about others;
  • it is necessary to strive more for personal growth and personal success in deeds and in love, but do not go too far;
  • try to avoid conflicts, since there will be enough negativity;
  • do not respond to provocations of enemies and detractors.


Unfortunately, Saturn is the patron for Libra and Scorpio, and also has a positive effect on Capricorn and Aquarius. Representatives of these four signs of the zodiac will have the hardest time from April 29th to September 18th. For almost half a year they need to help people around them and not be afraid to ask for their help. These are the most independent signs, but they will have to learn how to work in a team. So they manage to save luck.

For Cancer and Leo, the period of retrograde Saturn is the time for obtaining new knowledge. It will be easier for these people to strengthen their positions in love, in financial affairs, at work. They will flourish and be able to show everyone what they can do. They may discover new talents. Astrologers advise representatives of these two Signs to struggle with the desire to do nothing after another victory. This Saturn will play with their consciousness, trying first to lift them up, and then force them to fall from heaven to earth. If Cancers and Lions need success, then it is better to start actions at the end of March and not to stop until September. It is undesirable to take a long vacation and interrupt work or creative activity for a long time.

The second group of signs – Aries Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, PiscesFor these people, Saturn is a neutral planet, so follow only general advice. You need to strive for self-development and avoid conflicts.

So, it would be really interesting, if you could share your thoughts on Saturn’s reverse movement. Does it affect you? How do you feel about it?

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