Retrograde Mercury from July 26th to August 18th.

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When Mercury is moving backward, many strange and negative things happen in the world. Retrograde planets in 2018 are not very dangerous, because they successively replace each other, not allowing total chaos in our lives. This indicates their predictability. This applies to Mercury. This small but very important planet will move in the opposite direction from July 26th to August 18th inclusive.

Finance, business and work in the period of retrograde Mercury

At the end of July it is better to work in solitude and not to ask anyone for help. Retrograde Mercury can make it so that people stop appreciating the work of colleagues and partners. People can become more nervous and more aggressive towards each other. At the business level, this will manifest itself as clearly as possible. Mercury can arouse pettiness and greed.

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Retrograde Mercury can bring a lot of wrong information into your life. The reason for this – the falsity of people and the desire to hide their true intentions. Hypocrisy will flourish in large collectives, where the spirit of rivalry is developed. If your salary depends on how well you work compared to others, then wait for incredible competition.

In the process of obtaining new knowledge and skills, too, problems may arise. The desire to learn new things can go to the back burner, so it’s better to direct all the forces to something that you already get pretty well. Do not aim for a new one until the period of reverse Mercury ends. Many people may have problems remembering new information, so preparing for exams can be incredibly difficult. To change work from July 26th to August 18th, also is not recommended.

The change in the situation at the end of July and the beginning of August will not be beneficial either. Mercury in a state of reverse movement is very dangerous for everyone who is going to go on a business trip. Especially dangerous are long trips.

Mood and health

Mercury is capable of provoking the appearance of new vices and weaknesses, as well as aggravation of the old. During this period, bad habits can return, there may be a desire to abandon all the business started. Do not take spontaneous decisions until Mercury returns to normal movement.

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People’s health in the days of the reverse movement of the planet is usually in their own hands. If you want problems and illnesses to bypass you, it is better to get rid of the experiences. The main thing is to remember that if the problem has a solution, then there is no need to worry. If there is no solution, then there is no point in torturing yourself. This is an ancient Chinese wisdom, which suits the period of reverse Mercury.

Love and relationships

It is better to postpone the search of your soulmate. In the period of reverse Mercury, people can behave unpredictably. Telling the truth will be more difficult, so waiting honesty from others, in the coming 3 weeks, is not worth it. In some situations, people may seem to have found the love of their entire life, but this will be followed by an inevitable disappointment. Do not give close people unrealistic promises and do not give empty hopes.

Try not to believe gossip and rumors, and not to provoke their appearance. In relations with people, this can be extremely negative. There is a big risk of losing the respect of friends, your soulmate. Make decisions carefully and strive for diplomacy in any situation during the retrograde Mercury.

Perhaps the retrograde Mercury will awaken your worst character traits. He can totally change your life and attitude, therefore be more careful to draw conclusions and not think too categorically in the period from July 26th to August 18th.

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