Positive Solar Eclipse in August 2018

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In August 2018 there will be a Solar Eclipse, which will positively affect people’s lives.

The Solar Eclipse in Leo will be the penultimate Eclipse in this Zodiac Sign for the next 9 years. This Eclipse will be very significant and influential. The Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018 will open up new opportunities and prospects for us.

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The Time of the Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018

A frequent Solar Eclipse in the North Node of the Moon will occur at 18 ° 42 ‘Lion. During the Solar Eclipse, there is always a New Moon. This Solar Eclipse will be partial.

The Effect of the Solar Eclipse in August 2018

This will be the last 5th Eclipse in 2018 and the most positive Eclipse of all. It will raise topics such as self-realization, love, recognition, the opportunity to show one’s individuality, to do what they love, to be with loved ones.

Solar Eclipse in August 2018 will bring changes in the lives of many people. Most of all, it will affect the scope of work, the realization of self and personal life.

The Solar Eclipse in August 2018 will be the easiest and most successful for people who are ready for transformations and changes. It will give people strength and faith in a brighter future.

Since the Eclipse will occur after the Solar Eclipse in Cancer and the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, it will be very beneficial for people who have taken the influence of these two previous Eclipses.

Solar Eclipse in August 2018 will bring many people success, wealth, recognition, the opportunity to realize themselves. Especially this applies to those who have already embarked on the path of realizing themselves as individuals.

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Those who have not yet ventured to embark on a path of self-realization, true love and creative expression, will experience complex transformations in their lives. This Eclipse of the Sun is destined to destroy what does not bring people joy.

The conjunction of the Solar Eclipse with retrograde Mercury indicates that in order to build a new one, we will have to change the old one. We will need to change old attitudes, get rid of obsolete links and find new approaches and behaviors. During this period, with the help of a creative approach, old problems can be solved.

The most influential will be two weeks before Eclipse and two weeks after it. It is during this period that absolutely new programs of our life will be laid.

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