Planet Gunta

Planet Gunta is about interesting, mysterious and beautiful things in the world blog of Gunta Graudina. Sometimes it feels like the time is to short to gather the information, sometimes were is a feeling, you just want to enjoy the world without the negativity.IMG_20180330_164538_956 It’s about not being afraid to show who you are, not pretending to fit in the society. I have many interest and that doesn’t make me worse, also I’m interested in the mysteries of the Universe, but in my own way…

Also this is a place where I will be sharing may true thoughts and feeling, without lies, which no one sees, nor hears. Since I have no one to turn to, I’m all alone in this world, even if I’m surrounded by people. This will be found under section “Inside out”, something similar to Diary, but only the pages will not be stained by tears.

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