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The people of this constellation are endowed with discernment, well-developed intuition, the gift of clairvoyance and excellent memory.

Thanks to these qualities they are able to see people through, to anticipate the course of future events and look into the future. Pisces are merciful and good-natured people. They can always understand a person, listen to him and give advice. Representatives of this constellation are ready to give up everything and sacrifice their own interests for the sake of relatives and friends. They are selfless, sincere and justifying.

Pisces do not like being alone. Being in total solitude, they lose their true face, are given to boredom and despondency. They need to always be in society. Often Pisces becomes the soul of a company. They have a great sense of humor, tact and wit. However, a cheerful disposition of the spirit is not a constant feature of character. Often they are visited by a bad mood, depression and despondency. They can stay in their fantasies for a long time.

For Pisces it is peculiar to look at the world through pink-colored glasses, forgetting about the realities of modern life. Trying to relax and get away from the bustle, representatives of this constellation often resort to drinking alcohol. Their unwillingness to the realities of the world leads to a bad end. Pisces in every possible way avoid difficulties, trying not to fight them, but to avoid them. People of this constellation prefer to swim with the flow, not thinking about the consequences.

Influence on Pisces is extremely difficult: they do not tolerate coercion and power over them. Often they do not care what others think about them. However, to the critics Pisces react painfully. They have a very vulnerable and subtle emotional organization, and in conversation with them, it is better to choose words in order not to offend and not to hurt. Despite the fact that Pisces avoid difficulties, luck is always on their side. Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac can have a boast of rare luck.

Because of their vulnerability, Pisces is prone to frequent stress and anxiety. From this their nervous system suffers and immunity decreases. Pisces tend to catch cold and get viral infections. Also, they are characterized by diseases such as tumors and enlarged thyroid gland. All the health problems of Pisces are associated with an unstable emotional state. They are advised to avoid stressful situations and often spend time with close people.

To improve their immunity, people of this constellation are encouraged to eat salads, porridges and seafood. To maintain metabolism and promote health, Pisces needs to eat foods that contain calcium, iron phosphate and potassium sulfate. These substances are found in large quantities in dairy products, grapes, nuts, quince and raisins. Avoid fatty foods and sweet foods. Do not drink a lot of liquids and abuse meat.

Due to its unusual perception of the world and sensitivity, Pisces excels in the field of art. Among the representatives of this constellation are many writers, artists, musicians and artists. A successful career awaits them in the field of medicine and psychology. Pisces enjoys exploring, exploring, helping people and being useful to the community. Therefore, they are attracted to the profession of doctors, psychologists and sociologists.

Possessing abstract thinking and an enviable memory, Pisces can well build a successful career in the field of exact sciences. They fit the profession of accountant, economist, financier. Their diligence and high efficiency helps in the professions of a mechanic, an electrician and an archaeologist. In the work they show zeal, patience and scrupulousness. Despite the vulnerability and sensitivity of their character, Pisces can realize themselves in sports. Of these, excellent athletes are obtained who are fiercely eager for victory and are successful.

Many Pisces have extrasensory abilities and good intuition. Thanks to these qualities, they can relate their lives to the study of esoteric sciences. Among Pisces there are many mediums, astrologers and clairvoyants. However, some of the representatives of this sign of the Zodiac can use their abilities far not for good purposes. Often, people of this constellation embark on the path of crime and fraud.

Choosing a place of work and profession, Pisces are guided only by their preferences. They seek to work where their abilities and talents will be appreciated. Pisces is not peculiar to be exchanged for work-earnings and frivolous earnings. They are looking for stability, a friendly atmosphere in the team and a loyal boss.

With regard to money, Pisces are extremely irresponsible and wasteful. Pisces are not at all endowed with the ability to earn money. They prefer to rely on manna from heaven or on the unexpected inheritance of a distant relative. Although Pisces have the ability to enrich themselves, but this is obtained with difficulty. They can be talented theorists in the field of making money, but in practice they will not show anything. But they do excel at squandering their finances.

Pisces like to blow money away. Sometimes meaningless and unnecessary purchases give them a lot of fun. They are not at all mean, they can help people close to them. They like to sacrifice money for the benefit of society.

Pisces do not know the concept of “family income” and “Home Bookkeeping”. Representatives of this constellation does not consider it necessary to record your income and expenses and plan purchases. Pisces need money only for gaining freedom and the realization of their desires. They do not seek power and wealth, because in their life values not included material prosperity.

Pisces should wear amulets that can bring them closer to the real world and remove pink-colored glasses. For representatives of the constellation Pisces, stones are suitable: gagate, opal, pearl, moonstone and coral.

Gagate protects Pisces from spoilage and evil eye, protects from negative energy and helps restore vitality. Also this stone gives its owner wisdom and insight.

Opal is a symbol of happiness, luck and love. This amulet strengthens intuition, drives dark thoughts and anxiety away. It protects Pisces from the negative influence of surrounding people, casts out fear and insecurity, regulates the state of mind. This stone is recommended to be worn by those Pisces who dedicated their lives to art. Opal gives inspiration, fills life with meaning and gives its owner vitality.

Pearls protect Pisces from rash and adventurous decisions, protects against ill-wishers and envious persons and gives their owner ease and optimism. This stone is recommended to be worn by Pisces, who are engaged in business. Pearl will contribute to making the right decision and will direct its owner towards profit and money.

Moonstone has a beneficial effect on the mental and physical condition of Pisces. Representatives of this constellation are constantly exposed to stress and anxiety. The Moonstone helps to relax the whole body, cast out bad thoughts, gives harmony and tranquility.

Coral has magical properties and gives its owner intuition, the ability to predict the future and see prophetic dreams. This stone is suitable for those Pisces, who often fall into a dead end, when making an important decision. Coral will give self-confidence, help to choose the right path and will become an indispensable assistant in the work in which Pisces show their intellectual abilities.

Talisman for Pisces is a shell. In general, for the people of this sign of the Zodiac can bring good luck all the marine attributes. Pisces are amazing people, attracting luck to themselves. Even when they no longer hope for a good outcome of events, Fortune gives them a helping hand. With the help of a talisman, for representatives of this sign of the Zodiac will be even easier. The talisman in the shape of a shell, an anchor or a sea knot can attract even more luck to them.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own color. Pisces fits purple color. It symbolizes hidden desire, mystery, fantasy, dreams. This color completely coincides with the internal state of the Pisces soul. Purple defines in the character of people of this constellation sensitivity, vulnerability, spirituality and impressionability. With this color you need to be more careful. It is not recommended in excessive quantities in clothes, at home and at work, as it can cause a melancholic mood.

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